0 Skating On The Bottom Of The Mine

Skating On The Bottom Of The Mine

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Extreme sports fans from the Ural Province decided to go skating on the bottom of the 210 m deep abandoned mine.

Its quarrying began in 1936 and in 1988 its ore just ran out so they had to give it up. The mine had a diameter of about 1 km and was 300 m deep. Later, it became flooded forming a skating-rink with an area of over 300 m2.

They had to find out how to go down the mine safely.

Half way to the skating fun.

These stones have preserved some heat from last summer which is enough to melt snow.

Looks beautiful!

What remained after the service lines.

Those wooden ladders were used by miners.

You can see glaciers in places where underground water leaked.

In some places leaking underground water doesn’t freeze over so you can hear pleasant to the ear babbling.

Almost there!

They had to shovel the snow first.

When the skating-rink was clean, they turned on the music and started skating.

The view of the mine as seen from the bottom.

They could see some cracks in the ice.

When they got tired of skating, they decided to go back but it took them much more time to get out of the mine.

That’s their skating rink as seen from the middle of the mine. You can’t see it from the top, because it’s too small.

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