27 WWII Chronicle. June, 1941-December, 1942

WWII Chronicle. June, 1941-December, 1942

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Exercising near the Russian-Polish border. May-June, 1941.

The photographs below chronicle the everyday life of the 137th rifle regiment and common people in 1941-1942.

Crossing the river.

Shooting at sparrows.

First Russian captives.

The city of Jaroslaw, the San River.

Near the bridge over the Sun River in the city of Jaroslaw, Poland. June 22nd, 1941.


A T-34 tank.

A ‘Stalin’ tank.


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27 Responses to “WWII Chronicle. June, 1941-December, 1942”

  1. Iggy says:

    Polish-Russian border in 1941? What kind of joke is this?!
    There was no Poland therefore there was no such border. Poland was invaded in September 1939 by 3rd Reich (September 1st) and USSR (Spetember 17th) and divided between them in accordance with Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact.

    • IamI says:

      Guess that they meant the border area as it was before the WWII.

      • Iggy says:

        That would be correct, if it wasn’t signed May-June 1941, that is before German agression against USSR. Reich/USSR broder was quite a distance from pre-war Polish border. Not to mention photos form Jaroslav-upon-San.

      • lortea says:

        No. Before war, Polish-Soviet border was far away in east. One more time. I like photos on this site, but I’m sad thar soviet propaganda sill alives here, and such terrible historical lies.

    • Osip says:

      Why the map showing Africa??

      • prosper says:

        probably it was about to fool the soldiers, who were not informed about “barbarossa” guidlines until the very last day, at least in theory.

      • Wolf says:

        Although Africa focused, it clearly shows the route to th Caucaus oilfields and the North African theatre. That view is reinforced with images o Erman troops on Mt Elbrus.

    • historian says:

      What about Poland invading russia 20 years before and stealing this land. This land russia captured back in 1939. What about poland helping poland attacking czech? And stealing there also land?

      • cossack says:

        Poland didn’t steal this land during 1920/21 war. Russia took possesion of it from Poland in late 18th century during partition of Poland between Russia, Prussia and Austro-Hungary. Poland acquired it in 1569 during Union between Poland and Lithuania. Lithuania conquered it from Tatars.

      • too much vodka says:

        What about the Soviet Union respecting the terms of the Treaty of Riga of 1921 where the Soviet Union and Poland agreed on the border between both countries? The Soviet invasion of 17th of September 1939 was a clear violation of a Treaty the Soviet Union signed 18 years earlier.

      • OldBikr says:

        Huh? Try that again, in slow motion please. I must have missed something.

  2. Tomala says:

    It is not “the Sun river”, but “the San”. Sounds the same like “sun”, but is written “San”.

    and piece for all

  3. too much vodka says:

    “A Japanese general in Taganrog.” That one really lost his way.

  4. jeffrey pigden says:

    The “Stalin” tank is actually a T35 model 1939 heavy tank.

  5. Mariel says:

    I cant’t imagine the suffer, the pain … of those people ….

  6. Testicules says:

    It looks like the Italians had a great band.

  7. Dudek says:

    These descriptions are false. You lie about history.

    • DaGuest says:

      Typical falsification.
      I’m missing pictures where Soviet and German soldiers are shaking hands on the ground of conquested Poland.
      From current pictures one can understand: there was nice, quiet border of SovietUnion and Poland. And suddenly, plenty of german soldiers appeared on the russian territory.
      Interesting approach :)

  8. I’ve heard that at first russians met the germans with bread and salt , as liberators.Then the germans were cruel to them, so they turned against them. Is this true, anyone??

  9. Wolf says:

    No signs of any German war crimes here. In fact, it looks like local girls liked the German boys.?

  10. Michael says:

    local girls liked the German boys …..Western Ukrainians?

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