4 Walking Through Devastated Hospitals

Walking Through Devastated Hospitals

Posted on February 15, 2012 by

Today, we want to show you what happens to hospitals when they get abandoned.

We'll start with photographs of a Moscow hospital taken 2 years ago.

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4 Responses to “Walking Through Devastated Hospitals”

  1. Tangowolf says:

    Is it the youth who keep intruding on these places to ruin them? Or are Russian buildings rigged to self-destruct after no one’s been in them for several years?

    • HPD says:

      I think people still get there to get treatment, and when they don’t find any doctors there, they got pissed and …. ;D lol.

      No, seriously, i too have asked this before, why all the trashing of the abandoned places ?

      • Rwesterh says:

        Boredom, or looters selling the scrap.

        I wonder though, is there a website where all these locations are marked? I’m planning to go to Russia soon and I’d like to visit those areas..

  2. aaaaa says:

    Jews from Moscow tell me that Jewish doctors in Russia are the best.

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