43 Invented By Russians?

Invented By Russians?

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Russian scientists and engineers invented a bunch of genius things but were unable to patent or sell them in time that is why it were inventors from other countries who reaped laurels.


L. Shamshurenkov was a self-taught Russian inventor of peasant origin, who constructed in 1752 the first self-propelling or self-running carriage (may be regarded as precursor to both quadrocycle and automobile) and was awarded with $2 for that. Only in 1769, Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot from France presented a similar invention to the world.


In July, 1754 M. Lomonosov demonstrated a small tandem rotor to the Russian Academy of Sciences. It was powered by a spring and suggested as a method to lift meteorological instruments. In 1922, George de Bothezat, a Russian American engineer, built a prototype helicopter for the US Army Air Service.

Steam locomotive.

First steam locomotive was designed by I. Polzunov in 1763 and built in Barnaul in 1764 while it was James Watt, a member of the selection commitee which examined Polzunov’s invention, who patented the steam engine and became its inventor.


N. Pirogov  is considered to be the founder of field surgery, and was one of the first surgeons in Europe to use ether as an anaesthetic. He was also the first surgeon to use anaesthesia in field operations (1847). His name is one of the most widely recognised in Russian medical history, and he is considered a Russian national hero.


In 1801, a peasant Y. Artamonov designed the first pedal operated front-wheel drive bicycle but it was Karl Drais from Germany who patented the invention in 1818.


P. Schilling’s first electromagnetic telegraph cable line was set up in his apartment in Saint Petersburg. In 1832, Schilling demonstrated the long-distance transmission of signals by positioning two telegraphs of his invention in two different rooms of his apartment. His device was said to be the first electromagnetic telegraph in the world.


In 1860, P. Chebyshev designed a walking machine which mechanism allowed it to walk upright.


In 1876, P. Yablochkov invented the Yablochkov candle (a type of electric carbon arc lamp).

Incandescent light bulb.

A. Lodygin was a Russian electrical engineer who invented the incandescent light bulb in 1872. It was in 1879 when Thomas Edison patented the bulb.

Diving apparatus.

A. Lodygin’s diving apparatus with a mix of oxygen and hydrogen that he designed in 1871 was the father of the modern diving suit.


In 1837, a Russian inventor D. Zagryazhsky designed a “carriage with mobile tracks” which he patented the same year. In 1879, F. Blinov created the first tracked vehicle.

Electric welding.

In 1885, N. Benardos and N. Slavyanov were granted a patent for an electric arc welder with a carbon electrode called the Electrogefest in the 1880s. They are considered the inventors of modern welding apparatus.


A. Mozhaysky was a Russian naval officer, aviation pioneer, researcher and designer of heavier-than-air craft. He constructed his first airplane in 1883.

Radio transmitter.

A. Popov, a Russian physicist, was the first person to demonstrate the practical application of electromagnetic radio waves. Beginning in the early 1890s he continued the experiments of other radio pioneers, such as Heinrich Hertz, and in 1894 he built his first radio receiver, a version of the coherer. Further refined as a lightning detector, it was presented to the Russian Physical and Chemical Society on May 7th, 1895 — the day has been celebrated in Russia as Radio Day. In 1896, he demonstrated transmission of radio waves between different campus buildings in Saint Petersburg. He demonstrated ship-to-shore communication over a distance of 6 miles in 1898 and 30 miles in 1899. However, it is Guglielmo Marconi, an Italian inventor, who is believed to be the father of long distance radio transmission in Europe and the USA.


B. Grabovsky and I. Belyansky were Soviet engineers who invented the a fully electronic TV transmitting in 1928. Even earlier, in 1923, it was V. Zworykin, a pioneer of television technology, who invented a television transmitting and receiving system employing cathode ray tubes.


G. Kotelnikov was the Russian-Soviet inventor of the knapsack parachute he first introduced in 1911 (first in the hard casing and then in the soft pack), and braking parachute.

Russian scientist A. Poniatoff who emigrated to the United States was the first to design the videotape recorder.

Artificial satellite.

The first artificial satellite was launched in the Soviet Union in 1957. Called ‘Sputnik-1′, it was designed by S. Korolev and his team.

Nuclear power plant.

The first nuclear power plant was put into operation in the city of Obninsk in 1954. At the same time, the notion of ‘nuclear energy’ appeared.

Atomic ice-breaker.

There are 10 atomic ice-breakers in the world and all of them were designed and built in the USSR and Russia.


One of the most popular video games in the world was invented by A. Pajitnov in 1985.


A. Prokhorov and N. Basov shared the Nobel Prize in Physics for research on lasers and masers in 1964.


It was not Apple which first invented the computer in 1975 but Soviet constructor A. Gorokhov from Omsk who did it in 1968.

Electric engine.

B. Yakobi invented the first electric engine in 1834.


I. Romanov invented the first ecomobile in 1899. Its maximum speed was amost 37 km/h.


M. Tikhonravov significantly contributed to the design of the first satellite and first manned spaceship.

Teddy bear.

The name Teddy Bear appeared after a Russian emigrant saw a caricature of President Theodore Roosevelt, whose nickname was “Teddy” in a newspaper.

It’s just a miserable amount of inventions created by Russian scientists and engineers, and unfortunately this country still doesn’t know how to value geniuses born in this land.

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43 Responses to “Invented By Russians?”

  1. Io says:

    The first practical helicopter was build for the russian-ukrainian, emigrated to America, engineer Igor Sikorsky in 1941. Thanks to the articulated rotor heads created by the spanish engineer and inventor Juan de la Cierva for their autogiros.

  2. luk says:

    What a bull… Soviet propaganda always alive to give an example- computers existed long before russian apple…

  3. CZenda says:

    I was hoping I was about to learn that the Ferrari had been invented in Russia :D

    • IamI says:

      Yep – there were many jokes, what Russian/Soviet scientists invented before anyone else ;)
      BTW – don’t forget about the great inventor – Trofim Lysenko ;)

  4. Osip says:

    So, why do the Russian not take the credit for invention of propaganda?

  5. ROar says:

    To be perfectly clearly, bicycle was “invented” by russians in german attic just right after the war. And dispensable shaving machine is also the creation of soviets: it was invented in the trashcan behind american embassy in Moscow…Propaganda, nothing more.

  6. Sean says:

    Ferrari is a brand, the car is more general category. Too bad the quality of discussion drops to this level…. Russians did invent or co-invent a lot of things, the propaganda in US is much worse, they think they invented Earth and the way we walk on it….

  7. Ivan says:

    Hot water was also invented by a russian engineer.

  8. Ivan3 says:

    Polzunov did not have a steam engine invention stolen by Watt. Watt only changed the design of the Newcomen Steam Engine from 1712.

    Lodygin’s light in 1872 was preceeded by Swan’s 1860 Electric light, but this was unreliable for mass production which went to Edison’s light bulb.

    On the other hand you have missed Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov who share the 2010 Nobel prize for Graphene

  9. Testicules says:

    Let us not forget the Adidas nylon track suit. Probably one of the most significant advances to come out of Russia in some time.




  12. amo says:

    teddy bear was invented in Germany.

  13. lau says:

    wow. wass this meant to bea a joke or do some russians actually believe all of this?

  14. KT says:

    Konstantin Tsiolkovsky was not mentioned here. The importance of his inventions is staggering especially when compared to his life story. He was a deaf boy turned into village school Math teacher and then became the pioneer of space flight, particularly multiple stage rockets, and he did it in the middle of nowhere, in a village, alone and totally on his own faculties with zero scientific support. The internet, including the website of Nasa is filled with details about him. His late 1800 projects such as space elevator is now being considered seriously because nanotechnology makes it possible to build such structures. (Wikipedia notes he was inspired by Jules Verne in general and the Eiffel tower was the inspiration for the space elevator)

  15. DouglasU says:

    LOL…I guess everything was invented in Russia….that’s really amusing.

  16. Harry Pachty says:

    This list is a fail because by this standard half of it was invented previously by Leonardo da Vinci. Fact!

  17. George Johnson says:

    Hahahahaha…. you forgot the telephone.

    And the B-29.

    You did a post on everything supposedly invented in russia or by ruissian, how about one that shows all the stuff they STOLE and/or copied! (like that B-29….)

  18. jeffrey pigden says:

    I understand that they also invented the internet, but Al Gore claimed it!!

  19. Shane says:

    hahahahahaha. Oh dear when will some Russians mature. All this does is re-inforce Russian feelings of inferiority. I guess thats why Russians put up with their corrupt and lying politicians because that accept this sort of mis-information without checking the facts.Maybe
    this is Russian self deprecating irony .Even the most cursory and small investigation would disprove almost every assertion in this odd diatribe.

  20. (r)evolutionist says:

    My favorite Russian invention: anarchism, by Peter Kropotkin and Mikhail Bakunin.

  21. IamI says:

    You guys forgot about Marx and Engels. Oh, pardon le mot – they were not Russian. I meant – Lenin and Stalin. Pardon again – Stalin was Georgian. Lenin only. Patented Russian invention!

  22. A.Oscar says:

    Enigma Global # 08 by A.Oscar Maybe most of inventions weren’t done by Russians; but why USA tries to get the credit for many inventions, when USA accepted emigrations with great skills. Just like the famous; relativity was Germany, the great Van Brown the rockets, and many inventions done by emigrants from all over the world in American. One of the best inventions to compete with USSR was in 1968 when Americans was so busy lie, by putting feet in the Moon. Special of so much ambitions to have bases in 70 countries, 44 years after,forgot the technology to go back again to the moon. Yes not just Russians or Americans lie; human beings continue to be lies, and because of such, not just Americans lost four big wars; still lost the great economy that have had, helped by the dollar in use all over the world, also Visa and Master Charge. And now we all terrestrials could suffer not just for the third world war, and a possibility of the great Catastrophe to mankind of eliminate existence of all living creatures. The wealth of weapons of mass destruction makes USA the most power full country towards the total destruction of planet Earth. 16/02/2012 by A.Oscar

  23. The Spoon says:

    Charles Babbage was Father of the computer an English guy

  24. too much vodka says:

    Yes, but who invented beer?

  25. adolfo says:

    wooow they invented everything!!

  26. George says:

    You have to understand, that according the education which they have been given in their country, this all is true, and everything else is capitalistic propaganda. They and their parents have been living behind the iron curtains made by soviet union, so how they can learn the truth? I live in Finland and I had a coworker from Estonia. He told me these things like an only truth there is, so I take him to the museum and show him what is the difference about the facts and soviet propaganda. That make him cry, but it also open his eyes.

    • Per Svendsen says:

      None of these inventions can be established as russian. Only exception is Sikorsky who was half polish !

    • Macho says:

      If I get it the truth is only existing between you and the source. is that what you saying ?

      Anyway the western “truth” is so anti-Russian these day that we have to do something about it.

  27. wacek says:

    internet was invented by Wania Internetov in 1823. Internetov presented its invention to Tzar but he fall asleep and forgot everything. Than Internetov took internet with him and went away. Later on he live happily in great prosperity for next 50 years.

  28. Gabriel Alexandru says:

    George de Bothezat was romanian, born in Iasi 1882, and was educated in Petrograd, Göttingen, Berlin. He returned to Romania in 1918, then emigrated to the U.S. where he was offered a position as director of the Aerodynamics Laboratory and professor, both at the University of Dayton, Ohio. Subsequently, in January 1921 signed a contract with the U.S. Army, which has committed to build one of the largest helicopters in that time. In order not to disturb the Constructors and keep them curious aside, the project was classified “top secret”. Between 1922-1923, “Flying Octopus”, as called helicopter flew successfully several times, but never at an altitude of more than 2 meters.
    Calculations of Botezatu were consulted in preparing the U.S. program of space research – “Apollo”. He died in 1940 in Boston.

  29. artem says:

    the thing is, all this is actually true and according to the comments the westerners are still clueless. there is this saying: “Russians always patented too late or never did”. more truth behind it than you think…

  30. i says:

    hahaha the inventions list of russia is much bigger than this

  31. Gotzh says:

    I am rather amuzed by cliche thinking of Americans posting here. Of course not all information presented in this article is quite correct and accurate. Yet many statements (like key roles in laser invention by Prokhorov and Basov and key role of Zvoryking and Rosing in TV invention) is quite correct. Yet Americans are so stupid and used to groupthinking and cliches that instead of just checking their beliefs they prefer to deride anything that fall out their stereotypes.

  32. Gotzh says:

    I would add to this list invention of three-phase systems by Dolivo-Dobrovolsky and invention by Alferov of geterostructures without which modern electronics is impossible (Nobel Prize of 2000).

  33. Gotzh says:

    Yet some statements in this list can be really considered wrong or just absurd like bicycle or steam engine and it can discredit the whole list.

  34. Gotzh says:

    Laser and TV claims are quite correct. It is very simply to ascertain just by checking the list of Nobel Laureats in Physics for invention of lasers (1956) or by reading in Wikipedia who were Rosing and Zvorykin.

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