3 How To Lay Hands On A Gas-Turbine Power Plant

How To Lay Hands On A Gas-Turbine Power Plant

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It was to be a regular report about Kolomenskoye Gas-Turbine Power Plant. Check out what came out of it.

There are two power plants in Kotlyakovsky Lane in Moscow – an old district fuel-burning power plant and a new gas-turbine power plant. They closed the old noisy fuel-burning power plant in 2009 after they put the new gas-turbine power plant into operation.

They spent over 260 million dollars to build the gas-turbine power plant and sent its workers to Germany to study because they needed special skills to work with equipment like that.

The main advantage of the gas-turbine power plant over the regular district fuel-burning power plant is the fact that the first one produces both heat and electricity which allows saving fuel by 30%. Gas-turbine power plants are environmentally safe because they produce very little smoke.

Besides, Komonenskaya Gas-Turbine Power Plant was also pronounced the most low noise gas-turbine power plant in Europe!

Its principle of operation is simple. Air goes into gas-turbine installations through complex air-cleaning installations situated on the roof of the power plant.

The power plant is equipped with three 45.3-megawatt SGT-800 gas-turbine installations by Siemens IT. Each turbine has a separate a sound and heat insulating casing.

So, air goes into a compressor through the complex air-cleaning installations and then goes into a combustion chamber with gas. The mix ignites and its combustion gases produce energy.

This stream going into the rotor wheel of the turbine turns it. Thus, rotational energy starts the electric generator.

Inside these pipes, there is electricity which later goes to the city’s power supply network to reach power consumers.

This is a Czech transformer 63 MBA.

The power station is connected with the city’s heating main. So apart from generating electricity, it utilizes its exhaust gases to heat water.

Heating-system pumps (those blue boxes) pump water through hot-water boilers-utilizers which heat water up to 150 degrees Celsius to send it to hot water consumers.

The power plant had worked successfully for over 2 years but on January 3rd, 2012 its work was suspended…

The gas-turbine power plant is private but the pipes which supply consumers with hot water belong to Moscow United Energy Company which, in its turn, is under the city’s government control. It was Moscow United Energy Company that cut off the pipes.

The same day, on January 3rd, Moscow United Energy Company restarted its old fuel-burning power plant which produces nothing but noise consuming 1.3 as much gas.

On January 19th, they learnt that Moscow United Energy Company cancelled its agreement with Kolomenskoye “due to its high prices for heating”. However, it is not the power plant which sets its prices but a special commission which considers all production costs, staff salary, equipment repair works and other expenses.

Heat production price of the old power plant is always lower because it does not need money to cover its expenses on modernization.  However, in the nearest future the old power plant will need money for major repairs so its consumers will have to fork out. As for the modern power plant, it will offer lower prices eventually when it pay offs its loans.

Here is one more interesting fact: yearly, Moscow United Energy Company gets compensated for for modernization so in 2012 it received about 67 million dollars. So, it neither returns the money back nor lets Kolomenskoye work.

The whole situation looks like a raid on the gas-turbine power plant. They don’t let it work to later buy it for nothing.

Besides, cutting off the pipes, Moscow United Energy Company has violated at least five laws! And nobody seems to pay attention to it!

Most power plants belonging to Moscow United Energy Company were built in the middle of the 20th century. They are old and ineffective, and these problems rest upon the shoulders of residents of the city who have to face annual rise in prices for heating.

Kolomenskaya Gas-Turbine Power Plant is new. It is 6.5 times as effective, 4 times as cheap in its prime cost, 5 times as ecologically safe and almost noiseless.  It is so sad seeing the plant freezing…

The station was named the Best Project of 2009 in the Field of Investments and Construction.

The power plant does not work today when it’s freezing outside and people need heat.

Location: Moscow

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