6 Going On A Cruise Down The Moskva River At -24C

Going On A Cruise Down The Moskva River At -24C

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It’s winter and about -24C, and we are going on a cruise down the Moskva River. Hopefully, it’s going to be warm inside.

That boat in the photo is called Scarlett.

There are pieces of ice of all shapes and sizes floating in the river.


These boats was designed to break ice of considerable thickness.

“Capella”, “Bon Voyage”.

Each table is carefully served on the boat.

On each table you will find a map of the Moskva River with its sights marked for you not to miss any.

Its deck is spacious and light.

Servers are preparing to welcome the guests of the cruise.

They will offer you a standard menu including salads, main courses, desserts and beverages, plus they can cook anything you want for extra pay. In the bar, you will also find a selection of wine, champagne, juices and cocktails.

They have to break ice all the time because water freezes in a matter of minutes.

On the boat, you will find both large round table and small tables for two.


This boat is returning from its cruise.

These blocks of ice are a child’s play to the boat.

Novodevichy Convent.

A bridge from below.

The Luzhniki Olympic Complex.

The Andreevsky Bridge.

When it takes them more time than usual to get through the ice, they shorten the way.

Closer to the evening, the ambience on the deck becomes really romantic.

In winter, the way back is usually faster.

The White House.

Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow.

It’s -26C!

Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow.

Approaching the moorage.

Tomorrow morning, these boats will take another group of people on a cruise down the river.

Lasagna is one of the dishes they serve.

Coffee mousse with mint and meringue.

Strawberry mousse with mint, strawberry and bluberry.


Here’s some information on the cruise:

duration: 3 hours.

Price for mulled wine – 300 rub (10USD); photographer – 400 rub (13USD) (you can be photographed during the entire cruise, have your photographs printed right on the boat and inserted into frames).

They offer their clients good background music so the cruise is great for romantic dates.

One of the disadvantages of the cruise is the fact that they do not tell you anything about Moscow and its places of interest. However, you can ask servers for an audio guide of the cruise.

Location: Moscow

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