1 Apartments Of VTB Bank In The Federation Complex

Apartments Of VTB Bank In The Federation Complex

We have already shown you some photos of the Western Tower of the Federation Complex in Moscow. It is not possible to examine the entire place at once that is why we’ll first walk through a small IT-segment of VTB bank.

Any skyscraper is supplied with a perfect fire-fighting system. Thus, in case of fire elevators go to the first floor where the doors are opened and blocked. The hall is supplied with air to promote evacuation without smoke. Every employee keeps a protective suit with the help of which he or she can escape the building safely.

The control room of the computer systems related to the Bank. The left part denotes condition of lines in Moscow, the central part shows their condition in the Western Tower while the left part depicts technical systems of the Federation related to the Bank.

Bank network in Moscow. All lines are backed up.

How do you like the view?

Administrators are working behind the door. ‘Instruction on how to use the door to room 22.41 1.Knock on the door thrice. 2. Try to open the door by pushing it during next 60 sec.3. If the door is still closed, don’t knock any longer. 4. Repeat your attempts to enter the room in 30 minutes’.

Inside the room.

By the way, about 5000 computers are located here in the bank.

Internal corridor. The round column is one of three columns located in the corners of the triangular tower. The red door is the most interesting part. It is actually an armored capsule with IP telephony.

In case of any emergency the telephony will support the telecommunication throughout the building during 4 hours. As mobile communication is not protected here, it is necessary to enable an uninterrupted service of stationary phones located in every room.


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