5 Abkhazian Lavash Making

Abkhazian Lavash Making

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They have attached a bakery to a house in Sukhumi so it smells like pastry in the neighborhood. People come to this place to buy lavashes, flat unleavened wheat bread. Lavashes are always fresh here because they make them all day long and in small portions.

Entering the bakery, you immediately understand what Abkhazian hospitality is. They will invite you to their home, treat you with coffee, show you their family photographs and ask questions about your life.

They make lavashes using regular flour.

So, they take 700 g of flour.

Then they knead some dough and shape it as balls as shown in the photograph above.

They stick the dough balls to the hot walls of the stove…

If you do not have a stove like this built into the floor of your apartment, then you will never be able to make an authentic Abkhazian lavash.

They cover the stove and wait.

A couple of minutes later, they take their lavashes out!


Location: Sukhumi

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  1. LovesFLSun says:

    Nice shirt Brah!!

  2. popalumi says:

    Ce bune trebuie sa fie lavashes.

  3. Combat says:

    look tasty. lavash eat with others meal such curry or it alone?

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