7 The Beauty Of Novosibirsk City

The Beauty Of Novosibirsk City

Novosibirsk is the third city in Russia with the greatest number of inhabitants and the 12th biggest city in our country that has a subway consisting of 2 branches.

Novosibirsk Hotel.

Lenin Street and roads next to the railway station.

Cobra Business Center.

Let’s climb the crane to enjoy the view.

Ballet and Opera Theater.

The port.


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7 Responses to “The Beauty Of Novosibirsk City”

  1. viktor says:

    the ballz of steel.

  2. Dingenskirchen says:

    “The bridge connects two subway stations and is the longest bridge in the world.”



    -> the longest bridge in the world is 76 times longer!

  3. zanuda says:

    It is. It’s the longest metro bridge.

    • Dingenskirchen says:

      O RLY?

      Then why is the Jinbin Light Rail No. 1 Bridge in China 12 times longer?

      Maybe it’s the longest metro bridge in Russia.

  4. Y5K says:

    Is he on the arm of the crane without safety gear? It looks very dangerous. I’m not doing that in any case.

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