17 Russia In The Dark: 1921-1923

Russia In The Dark: 1921-1923

The pictures below were taken by Western reporters who visited Russia in 1921-1923.

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A group of homeless children.


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17 Responses to “Russia In The Dark: 1921-1923”

  1. Cabbot says:

    Seriously. This…this is a different world perfectly captured by this post.

  2. IamI says:

    Homeless and hungry people always remains as victims of changes, revolutions and wars, regardless of the politics. Same as today.

  3. perestroika says:

    Sad reality…

  4. Daniel says:

    The Soviet Union made enormous progress in a short period of time, but, man, they paid a hell of a price for it.

  5. adfasdg says:

    May Communism and communists burn in Hell.

    • Anatole says:

      If it wasn’t for the capitalist nations invading there would have been no famine. If it wasn’t for the Bolsheviks requisitioning grain from the peasants, the cities would have starved. Learn some history before making ignorant comments.

      • too much vodka says:

        The “capitalist invasion” was in fact a small intervention by the allied countries initially trying to avoid the Eastern Front of collapsing. French, British and American troops arrived in the spring of 1918 and a year later, most were already withdrawn. The Russian civil war itself lasted from the end of 1917 until 1923. Most of the “capitalist invaders” were hardly involved in any fighting – except for the Czech legion, which consisted of former Czech prisoners of war who were recruited by the tsarist regime to fight the Austro-Hungarian empire with the promise of gaining independence. Caught up in the civil war they fought their way out of Russia via Siberia – one can call these hardly “capitalist invaders”. Americans, British and French sent small contingents of a few thousand troops each. Compared with the millions fighting in both the Red and the White armies – one can’t imagine how these negligeable contingents could be responsible for starting the civil war or creating a famine which started in the spring of 1921. By the way, it was thanks to the American Relief Administration which sent food to Russia that not more people died. At least 10 million people were fed with the food help sent by American and British organisations, paid for by American taxpayer’s money. Food aid was sent to Russia until 1923. At that moment, the Soviet government was busy with selling grain to forgeing markets to invest in the industry, rather than to use the grain to feed their own people. Learn history before copying propaganda.

  6. N. Tolstoy says:

    It was bad. And then, in the 30’s, it got worse.

  7. (r)evolutionist says:

    The result of the Civil War and a drought, not because of communism. After the U.S. Civil War (1861-1865) there was hunger, devastation, and refugees fleeing the countryside in the Southern States, just like the pictures above. That is why many Southerners in the U.S. are still bitter and anti-federal government. The Soviets let the Hoover Relief Commission in and cooperated for the most part. When the trains carrying food were delayed, Comrade Dzerzhinsky took over transportation and untangled the mess. History is gray, not black and white.

  8. Mariel says:

    So sad, alll type of wars are horrible.

  9. Mr. Fox says:

    “Even The King cannot save poverty” – Proverb

  10. lortea says:

    Foe beeing communist should be only one penalty – starvation in wet dark basement.

  11. popalumi says:

    INGROZTOR.!!!Ce inseamna saracia,mizeria,foamea.

  12. Mercal says:

    This is the future of the USA with Oboma aka socialist in control.

    Americans will be living like this, great example of socialism at its finest with MAN-MADE food shortages and rationing.

    Oboma would be proud…

  13. You can just thank the communists for all this suffering. True, there were a lot of poor people in czarist Russia, but not starvation and famine.

  14. Michael says:

    George Orwell’s Animal Farm – the pigs (communists) eventually became human (capitalists) ..the system corrupted. War mongering aggressive Capitalism is the greater evil

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