3 Abandoned Bomb Shelters In Kiev

Abandoned Bomb Shelters In Kiev

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This time we are going to visit three abandoned bomb shelters in Kiev. One if them is situated under a hotel, another one is hidden under a factory and the third one belonged to one of the ministries of Ukraine.

Let’s start with the factory. It’s almost non-working and the bomb shelter under it is large but empty.

In the photograph: its emergency exit.

One of the rusty doors of the shelter.

Nice lock!

Hermetic gates.

Now let’s get to the hotel bomb shelter. First of all, it is situated deep underground.

One of the flights leading into the shelter.

This hermetic door is divided into two parts for people to be able to open it if the lower part of the door gets blocked up with something. This kind of doors were popular in pre-war and early post-war years.


The city’s plan. They used these plans for theoretical civil defense exercises.

These old windowns and doors were left here after one of the renovations of the hotel.

In the filter and ventilation section.

Made in 1959.

By the way, there is electricity in some of the rooms of the shelter.

“Hermetic-protection door”.

Traditionally, the entrance into the shelter is protected with at least two hermetic doors and the “street” door is to stand a blast wave.

This picture illustrates elimination of the consequences of a nuclear explosion.

It’s peacetime today so this room of the shelter, for example, is used to make birch twigs to sell in the hotel.

This elevator used to connect the shelter and the hotel.

The walls of the shelter under the ministry has been painted in white.

Using its emergency exit to get into the shelter was the right choice as usual.

A filter.

This is a storage where they keep gas masks. Each gas mask is marked with the name of the person the gas mask is intended for.

Some of the doors of the shelter are locked.

In one of the rooms, there is a box with keys to open any room of the shelter.


“Special notebook”.

Its filter and ventilation section.

Location: Kiev

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