5 New AirBridgeCargo Boeing-747-8F In Domodedovo

New AirBridgeCargo Boeing-747-8F In Domodedovo

Posted on February 12, 2012 by

We’ve come to Domodedovo International Airport to check out its new AirBridgeCargo Boeing-747-8F.

All these people are here to cover the event.

It’s sunrise. This plane has just returned from Hong Kong and is being unloaded.

The plane has new engines and redesigned wings.

The engine General Electric GEnxis the only engine installed at the AirBridgeCargo Boeing-747-8F. It has a smaller diameter to fit under the aircraft’s wing.

If we compare it with the 747-400ERF, the AirBridgeCargo Boeing-747-8F has a bigger load-carrying ability with its flight range being 900km smaller.

Its wings have become thinner and wider.

It has wing tips similar to those of Boeing 777-200LR, 777-300ER and 787.

They have been installed to lessen air resistance and consequently fuel consumption.

It’s -21C; humidity is 80%.


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5 Responses to “New AirBridgeCargo Boeing-747-8F In Domodedovo”

  1. Harry Pachty says:

    The Russians call a cargo corporation Airbridge since there was need for an Airbridge for Berlin because of the Russians.

    Either brilliant polemic advertising or sarcasm.

  2. Taisto says:

    What is planking for?

    • Grum says:

      Planking has no meaning it is just some stupid idea dreamt up by some idiot and the world has grabbed a hold of it, meaningless, pointless and absurd 11

  3. George Semel says:

    Well I don’t think The Berlin Air Lift has anything to do with the name. It don’t matter much Pilots like Boeing Airplanes. They should be able to make a profit with that 747. Its a very good airplane. The Lift was one of the United States Air Force’s greatest hours. Stalin didn’t get what he wanted, so he started the Korean War.

  4. RP says:

    haha. the concept of airbridge precedes the Berlin Airlift operation.

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