5 New AirBridgeCargo Boeing-747-8F In Domodedovo

New AirBridgeCargo Boeing-747-8F In Domodedovo

Posted on February 12, 2012 by

We’ve come to Domodedovo International Airport to check out its new AirBridgeCargo Boeing-747-8F.

All these people are here to cover the event.

It’s sunrise. This plane has just returned from Hong Kong and is being unloaded.


5 Responses to “New AirBridgeCargo Boeing-747-8F In Domodedovo”

  1. Harry Pachty says:

    The Russians call a cargo corporation Airbridge since there was need for an Airbridge for Berlin because of the Russians.

    Either brilliant polemic advertising or sarcasm.

  2. Taisto says:

    What is planking for?

    • Grum says:

      Planking has no meaning it is just some stupid idea dreamt up by some idiot and the world has grabbed a hold of it, meaningless, pointless and absurd 11

  3. George Semel says:

    Well I don’t think The Berlin Air Lift has anything to do with the name. It don’t matter much Pilots like Boeing Airplanes. They should be able to make a profit with that 747. Its a very good airplane. The Lift was one of the United States Air Force’s greatest hours. Stalin didn’t get what he wanted, so he started the Korean War.

  4. RP says:

    haha. the concept of airbridge precedes the Berlin Airlift operation.

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