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New Grozny

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Grozny City is a complex of high-rise buildings which will serve as hotels, business centers and condominiums in Grozny, the Chechen Republic. Let’s get on top of the tallest building in the city to see what it looks like from above.

Those two buildings are going to be apartments.

The tallest building of the complex is still under construction.

Its five-star hotel has opened its door already. It bears the same name as the complex, Grozny City.

On the top floor of the building there is a restaurant.

The view from the helipad.

It is only the hoisting crane which is taller than the building.

The view from the crane! In this photo you can see four entrances leading into underground parking lots.

That’s what the crane operator sees while working.

An information panel.

In the cabin of the crane, there is an electric kettle, a glass, a portable radio transmitter and its charger.

The city looks beautiful from here!

This is the restaurant you have just seen above.

The helipad.

The largest round clock in the world. It has a diameter of 14 m!

We have some more to show you about the city.

Grozny: Nine Cities is a project inspired by Theophilus North by Thornton Wilder. For over two years they have been studying consequences of the two wars the Chechen Republic had by examining the city of Grozny. They believe these wars and their consequences to be a part of their culture and plan to shoot a documentary movie and publish a book soon.

Location: Grozny

via bigpicture.ru, danlux

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16 Responses to “New Grozny”

  1. Ham are sick, Al says:

    Let’s hope there will be no more civil wars in that region… If that was the case, all the new construction was built for nothing.

  2. Prince says:

    Give a beautiful city or country to Russia, they rape the city and kill the peoples then left the rubble.
    This is what happen in Grozny, once a beautiful cultural center and along came Russians the rest is History.

  3. mrbiscuit says:

    what happened to the Slavs who were trapped in Chechnya after it declared independence? oh yeah…they were all ethnically cleansed. everyone forgets that.

  4. mukmika says:

    Beautiful buildings in a nice place, but I’d never feel safe there.

  5. Tommo says:

    It is even named for Ivan the Terrible. Terrible = ‘Grozny’. That’s how Russian it is.

  6. Maria says:

    terrible = uzhasnyj. “Grozny” can be better translated as forbidding or even thundering. “Groza” is “thunder” and grozny is an adjective from the word.

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