7 Abandoned Design Department

Abandoned Design Department

Posted on February 9, 2012 by

We are in a design department somewhere in the Moscow Region where people used to design and construct  engines. Today it is abandoned and so are its engines.

The building is a sorry sight.

It is photographs which have preserved traces of the design department’s bygone welll-being.

They also used this building as an exhibition center and archives.

This used to be a library…

Vinyl records.

Many years ago, they used these boxes as packing for video equipment.


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7 Responses to “Abandoned Design Department”

  1. Mike says:

    Why are these places always so trashed? Kinda sad.. awesome photos though! Very interesting.

  2. amgis says:

    Is the electricity inside the building still working?!?!?!

  3. Osip says:

    Bulava components designed here. And the generals wondered why it malfunctioned?

  4. Mariel says:

    Anybody still anything there? is the building open for anybody?
    Interesting and sad

  5. Justus says:

    Who pays electric bill?

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