4 Soviet Cars That Were Modern Once

Soviet Cars That Were Modern Once

Exhibits of a museum with military equipment located in the Moscow region, Ivanovskoye vallage, are presented below.

‘We remember! We are proud of you! Thank you!’

‘The museum of military fraternity’

Soviet actor Yuri Nikulin was an owner of several Volga cars.

Route: Novogireevo subway station – Veshnyakovskaya Str.

Participants of the 2nd Moscow Retro Style Festival.

II Moscow Retro Style Festival , Exhibition of old cars. The present diploma is awarded to ZIS 101 produced in 1936-1941, the Museum of the 19th Taxicab Park for participation in the award  nomination ‘The most original car’

Under that banner of Marxism…

Racing cars.

Small Motherland on the map of the Russian Empire, 1909.

‘Our might is incomputable’

‘To Moscow: Hoo! From Moscow: Ouch!’

Location: Moscow region

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4 Responses to “Soviet Cars That Were Modern Once”

  1. sabot says:

    What is that yellow van? Was it an actual production model?

  2. Don Schmitt says:

    In the 1930′ Ford built auto plants for the Soviets. The vehicles the produced were basically Ford designs. They were produced into WW2.

    The German military vehicles are not copies. They are German – captured from the Germans.

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