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Russian Leather Factory

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Art of leather dressing is thousands years old. Perhaps, people learnt how to dress leather before they learnt how to make a fire. Russkaya Kozha (or Russian Leather) is the largest leather factory in Europe and it is situated in Ryazan.

The factory is almost 100 years old and, strangely, it functioned both in the Soviet time and in the 90s. In 1988, the factory was almost completely rebuilt by Italian specialists while modernization is a nonstop process here. Currently its total area is 480,000 m2 with over 2,000 people employed. In 2006, they opened a Chinese branch of the factory which specializes in shoe leather.


Close to half of its total produce goes for export to Italy, Portuguese, Spain, France and Asia.

“Russkaya Kozha”.

They accept over 5,200 tons of skins monthly.

Removing water from the skins they have soaked.

Examining each skin to remove defects.

This kind of work is very difficult – skins are heavy, knifes are sharp and the smell is… unbelievable. They examine about 6,000 skins a day.

Tanning is one of the most important stages in leather dressing. In these drums, they remove all microorganisms from the skin to stop all natural processes in it.

They call their leather wet-blue.

In the treating shop.

Here, they sort out their wet-blue leather.

Then, each skin undergoes division into layers (two or three).

They produce their best and most expensive leather from the face layer of the skin, while the rest goes for production of cheap leather. Skin chips are used in glue production.


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  1. Karolis says:

    Second photos from the top, the cow in front of the factory, is that Lithuanian flag upside down?

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  2. lily says:

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