6 Kazan Metro And Its Stations

Kazan Metro And Its Stations

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They opened a metro in Kazan in 2005 to celebrate the city’s thousandth birthday. It became the 7th metro in Russia and the first metro to be built after the fall of the Soviet Union. Currently, the Kazan Metro includes seven metro stations and one line of 11 km long. Trains arrive at the stations each 6 to 10 minutes. It is open from 6 a.m. till 11 p.m. Over 100,000 people use the metro daily.

Kozya Sloboda Station is the newest station of the metro.

It opened in 2010 increasing the number of passengers using the metro by 2.5.

The station’s interior is made out in high-tech.

60 cm from the edge of the platform, they have installed lights to warn passengers about the upcoming trains.

4 entrances and 2 vestibules lead into the station.

They show advertisements on that screen on the wall.

They have also installed escalators by Thyssenkrupp featuring a stop/start system which saves electricity by working only with passengers on.

Each ticket will cost you $0.5. They accept smart tokens and smart cards. Smart tokens are valid during one day. If you haven’t used it, you can exchange it for a new one on Saturday and Sunday.

Ticket offices.

Kremlyevskaya Station.

It was named after the Kremlin which explains its interior design.

10 mosaics decorate its walls.

Such towers symbolize mosque minarets. According to a legend, the dragon is here to guard the city.

The ceiling.

Direction signs are written in two languages, Russian and Tatar, while on the train you will also hear English.

There are two vestibules at the station, south and north.

The north vestibule has a lot of natural light due to its glass atrium. As for the south one, it opened in 2006 but was temporary closed in 2008 due to a low passenger traffic. They open it on holidays.

Tuqay Ploschad Station.

National white and green marble prevail in its interior which also features 12 columns.

“Ğabdulla Tuqay” mosaic is one of the 22 mosaic pictures of the station.

“Goat and Sheep”.

“Water Sprite”.

“Ğabdulla Tuqay”.

The station is connected with underground floors of Koltso Shopping and Entertainment Center.

Children’s paintings and Tuqay’s bust.

Each station of the Kazan Metro is equipped with X-ray introscopes like the ones they install in airports, and Homo Scan scanner which makes it possible to completely examine the passenger in a matter of seconds.

Sukonnaya Sloboda Station.

Many years ago, they used this area as a market to sell textile (Kazan was crossed by the Silk Road).

Beige and brown colors prevail in its interior. It also features marble columns and bronze lamps.

Ametyevo Station.

On the outside, the station looks like a two-level glass bridge.

The lower level is a station itself while the upper level is a covered pedestrian gallery.

Pay telephones are installed in the center of the station, may be to waste away some time while waiting for another train.


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  1. Faith Gorodki says:

    Amazing. There’s no place like soviet metro station.

  2. TornaD-oz says:

    somebody, please explain – why Kazan’s metro is better in any way than, for example, St. Petersburg’s one? it just seems so absurd to me!

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    Homo Scan scanner?

  4. jn says:

    its a shame that russia is beautiful underground, but horrible on the other side

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