1 Christian Monasteries Of Kakhetia

Christian Monasteries Of Kakhetia

Kakhetia is an eastern part of Georgia that is famous with its wines and monasteries.

The person is getting ready for a feast.

When one sheep is killed others are standing nearby and watching. Locals are sure that the animals are too stupid to understand that they will be killed as well.

The Svans are one of the most outrageous nations in Georgia who live in the mountainous area in the north. Such towers can be found there.

Cars must be left next to the house. Only monks can drive further.

Entrance to the monastery at Natlismcemeli.

Some cells are made right inside the rock and are located very high. An armchair is standing next to the cell. The view must be beautiful.

The monastery.

Its walls are covered with signatures of Soviet soldiers.

The barrel is used instead of a bath.

According to the monks, in Soviet times when people were told that there was no God the monastery was used as a target while shooting.

Food is kept in the well instead of a fridge.

The monastery of Saint David Gareji. The border between Georgia and Azerbaijan divides the monastery into two parts. The monks are saying it should belong to Georgia only.

The monastery was founded in the 6th century by a Syrian monk David.

On the way to Signagkhi, the city of love.

The place is visited by a great number of tourists.

The museum of Georgian Christianity is under construction.

The city is surrounded by a high wall.

It has two central streets and a small piece of land with trees is proudly called British Park.

The square is named after Georgian king Irakli who founded the city.

Signagi City Hall.

The Soviet filling stations are slowly replaced by modern ones.

Tbilisi at night.

Location: Kakhetia

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