6 About Soviet Airships

About Soviet Airships

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They had both ups and downs in airship engineering and these are some historic facts for you to check out.

In fall 1920, in Salizi Village in the Leningrad Region, they began to assemble a Frech-produced airship they renamed into Krasnaya Zvezda.

Another flight of the airship ended with a crash because of the wind and defects in the air ship construction. Its gondola tore off the airship hull.


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  1. People's Commissar says:

    Never taking a ride in a ussr airship…

  2. Osip says:

    Perhaps they could have shown the TYREX blimp. Largest advertising airship in the world, also one with most endurance.

  3. (r)evolutionist says:

    A blip (not blimp) in the history of transportation.

  4. Aerocrat says:

    During Soviet period there were built more 20 blimps and semirigid airships in USSR. Joseph Stalin invited in early 1930s famous italian airships’ designer Umberto Nobile. U.Nobile leved in USSR 5 yers and was the chief-designer of Soviet state concern ‘Dirigiblestroi’ about Moscow. After Nobile left USSR soviet engineers continued to create LTA transport system. Best of the Soviet airship til now – semirigid airship V6 ‘Osoaviakhim’ (1936) what was built by Nobile team. Late USSR was many interesting projects of airships but live nor a semirigid nother blimp was. Only in 1994 was made 1-seat blimp in the Moscow Aviation Istitute, then 2-seat same craft and then little commercial firm made in 2003-2010 10 gas blimps (most of them – 8-seats Au-30) which was presents in aviasalon MAKS-2007… now there are not live gas airships in Russia (only projects without investments and not flying sysstems). Bbout hotair ads manned LTA systems I don’t say.

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