5 A Gift For A Girlfriend

A Gift For A Girlfriend

Do you know how to make a portrait with the help of drawing pins?

1,5 years ago the author of the article read about a portrait made of drawing pins that a guy had presented to his girlfriend. He liked the idea very much and started thinking of the same present for his own girlfriend. He used not a drawing but a photo for that.

Drawing pins are usually of 6 colors: white, yellow, green, red, blue and black. That’s why the number of colors on the photo had to be decreased.

A piece of fiberboard and 7700 drawing pins were needed for the picture. It was not easy to find a small piece of fiberboard as well as such an amount of drawing pins. When the author was buying 300 boxes each of which had 300 drawing pins in it, the seller couldn’t believe her eyes and was shocked.

He spent two days trying to divide the pins into groups.

It took 1,5 hours to apply the net on the piece of fiberboard.

The process can’t be performed manually and requires special instruments.

The first 4 rows were done very fast.

And it took 3 weeks to make the rest of the holes.

As no black pins were available in the town that time, some of them were repainted.

This is the way the pins looked like after they were covered with paint. And this is only the smallest part of the amount to be used.

A mould consisting of 9 pages was printed out to make the assembly process easier.

In 4 days.

In 2 other days.

In 2 more days.

He started seeing pins in his nightmares…

The portrait is finally ready. It took about 1 month to make it. The author had severe pains in the back during the last 2 weeks.

He was even taken to the hospital with a lumbar hernia.

Right after discharge he continued working with the frame. He wanted to cover the frame with lacquer.

But the main judge was against it and said she liked the silver variant more.

He covered the frame with aluminum powder but flies and mosquitoes left marks on it so the frame was painted black. Its weight is 10 kg. Do you like the portrait?

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5 Responses to “A Gift For A Girlfriend”

  1. C@ndy says:

    So cool, need much time to make something alike…
    will try someday :) congratulations GOOD JOB :)

  2. John says:

    That was a lot of work. I hope it at least got him laid.

  3. nospam says:

    Amazing work … that guy must be really patient, hope his girlfriend loved it!

  4. (r)evolutionist says:

    He suffers for his art like Van Gogh.

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