3 Some Photos From The Past

Some Photos From The Past

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Novomoskovsk, 1989.

Check out these photographs taken during the Soviet and post-Soviet time.

New Year morning party, Tula, 1984.

Editorial office, Tula, 1985.

Military registration and enlistment office, the Tula Region, 1988.

Activists of the Party, the Tula Region, 1988.

Tula, 1989.


Central square, Tula, 1989.

“The XXVII Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union”.

Tula, 1989.


Reformatory, Aleksin, 1990.

The Tula Region, 1990.

Tula, 1994.

From Chechnya, Tula, 1995.

Hospital, Tula, 1985.

Collective farm retiree, the Tula Region, 1988.

The Tula Region, 1988.

Tula, 1989.

Outskirts of Tula, 1989.

Meeting, Tula, 1990.

Women’s preventive cinic, the Tula Region, 1992.

Women’s preventive clinic, the Tula Region, 1992.

Retired school teacher, the Tula Region, 1991.

“We trust in Yeltsin!”

Meeting, Tula, 1991.


Tula, 1991.

Country grocery store, the Tula Region, 1992.

Odoev, the Tula Region, 1994.

Underground hunger strike of the miners, the Tula Region, 1994.

Location: The Tula Region

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3 Responses to “Some Photos From The Past”

  1. (r)evolutionist says:

    You’ll note the Women’s clinics in the Soviet Union and now Russia never were or are bombed or threatened by violent, ignorant religious people like in the U.S.

    • lbytesxk says:

      I also noted that hygienically and in general it looks like a place I wouldn’t want my dog treated let alone anyone person

  2. lamino says:

    Military registration. I remember my own. It was on Women’s Day. Standing there in front of everybody only in briefs. Not to mentioned, the doctor’s examination of the intimate parts. hehe

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