19 Facts And Lies About Belarus

Facts And Lies About Belarus

What have you heard about Belarus, the former Soviet republic? Let us see whether these are true facts or lies.

Did you know that a dozen of medieval castles could be found on the territory of Belarus? The Belorussians had always been attacked by hostile neighbors who had robbed the country several times. The castle located in the village MIR (World) is considered the most beautiful one.

The Belorussians don’t differentiate between international and common passports. They get their passports at the age of 16 and change them as soon as they are 25, 45 or 100. Most of local policemen don’t take bribes. If you were driving while drunk or struck a person you will be definitely deprived of your driving license. In case of a minor traffic enforcement an officer will talk to you pointing at your mistakes and let you go if you are repentant. If you are really guilty, confess and get a minimal penalty. It has been proven that the more you argue the greater fine you will have to pay in the end. Don’t even try to intimidate the policeman with your connections.

8 out of 34 Struve geodetic arcs are found in Belarus today. The network consists of 265 points or stone cubes that are 2020 meters long. The arcs have been developed for 40 years to define the size and shape of the Earth. In 2005 the remaining arcs were classified as inheritance by UNESCO.

The bird’s eye view can be seen next to Ivanovo city of the Brest region (‘Struve arch, 2880 km, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova’).

A subway station in Minsk is called Kastrychnitskaya the name seeming funny to most Russians. Meanwhile, it is translated as ‘October’ and there is a similar word in the Russian language that denoted a lignified part of flax. A Belarussian won’t mind you calling him a Bulbash which is the name of local vodka of a good quality.

500 years ago all cities of modern Belarus adopted the Magdeburg Law which means that a city was supplied with a system of rights and withstood the State. The Law could be attained only by the cities where all necessary institutions were functioning and rights were executed properly. The cities also got emblems with golden crescents denoting Virgin Mary, the most honorable saint for the Belorussians.

The Belorussian National Aviation Company BelAvia stopped purchasing birch juice which is not popular among foreigners. But if you are still eager to buy some, come to Belarus for that.

Since 1995 Belarus has adopted an emblem depicting an immaterial spirit flying over the rest of the globe in the rays of the rising sun. Do you see the blue flowers? It is flax. It is said that Belarus is one of the best places where qualitative flax is grown. The same seeds give only two harvests. The flax is bought by the U.S. Treasury which uses it while producing paper for dollars that consists of flax for 25%.

The emblem ‘Chasing’ had been actual from 1991 to 1995 and was actively used by local princes even 700 years ago.

The country produces more milk it is able to consume. Food quality here matters a lot so if you hear anybody praising milk, butter, etc. they don’t lie. Guests often buy a lot of chocolate produced by Spartak factory in Homel. Since 1990 and until today young families at least one member of which was under 30 years old who lacked an apartment of their own could have improved their living conditions. 90% of the due sum was paid by the state itself. The Belorussian President was the one chosen by people who compare him with a hero of folk legends who tries to withstand special operations soldiers with an ancient sword. The useless but noble actions make citizens respect their leader.

The recipe of the drink was known in ancient times and those who tried it once get a couple of bottles when they go back home.

This is the only health resort village in Belarus. The lake contains drinking water and using motor boats here is prohibited. Surfers and kiters like the place a lot.

Tobacco and alcohol advertising has been prohibited since 2004. Unlike manufacturers of vodka, producers of tobacco are obliged to print a warning that smoking is dangerous for health. Since September 2009 75% of broadcast time has to be occupied by Belorussian singers or those whose relatives used to live in the country. In 2008 intensive advertising made citizens wear flickers which helped to decrease the number of automobile-pedestrians accidents.

They don’t use coins in Belarus. Commemorative coins some of which look ugly don’t count at all. The cross below relates to the national sanctuary lost during the war.

The pieces of money are not used any longer. They were claimed by citizens as funny.

The pieces of money are used nowadays but can’t be acquired before you reach the country. This very piece is equal to 11 US dollars.

Kids are asked to wear formal suits made in Belarus. The suits look awful and have strange colors. Belarus is adjacent to Latvia. The streets of Minsk lack advertising and garbage. The country has good roads. Drivers try to follow the road rules. Pedestrians will never cross the road until the green light is on even if there are no cars nearby.

Two local catholic churches obtained the status of minor basilica.

Local citizens are very tolerant to other religions. The Belorussian and Russian languages are considered as the main ones but not many people can speak good Belorussian. It is not easy to find a WC in Belarus. The most famous one shown in the picture was built 100 years ago by an architect who designed a similar house for a prince and whose services weren’t compensated. The architect constructed an exact copy of the house in miniature and offered people to use it as a WC.

In 1920 Belarus had 4 state languages such as Russian, Belorussian, Polish and Yiddish. This is an emblem of those times. Belarus is the most northern country that has no access to the sea but has a fleet or a ship that transports potassium fertilizers to China, Brazil and other countries.

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19 Responses to “Facts And Lies About Belarus”

  1. JC says:

    Great advert for Belarus, I look forward to visiting this year!

  2. mooo says:

    Man I wish I will have enough money to visit family in Belarus this summer. <3 Belarus

  3. CZenda says:

    The series was brought to you by the Belarus Ministry of State Propaganda. To be continued. Next week: “Comrade Lukashenko, the Best Statesman, Economist and Skier of All Times”.

  4. neg says:

    You should’ve mentioned authoritarian ruling, human rights violations, unfair elections, etc…

  5. mike says:

    belarus-the last wonderland of europe xd

  6. BJ says:

    well, no….

  7. (r)evolutionist says:

    Money should honor Nature. We need it, it doesn’t need us. Tear down the buildings, put back the animals and plants. And I do like the 1920s emblem.

  8. n says:

    “A Belarussian won’t mind you calling him a Bulbash which is the name of local vodka of a good quality.”
    Bulbash -is not a vodka at first. ‘bulbash’ comes from ‘bulba’ – potatoes on belarussian language, because Belarusians always grow a lot of potatoes.

  9. Mors says:

    Where are those famous “lies”?
    “The Belorussians had always been attacked by hostile neighbors who had robbed the country several times” Who are those evil neighbours?

  10. IamI says:

    LOL, one of the funniest ‘adverts’ in the last days ;)

  11. ptc says:

    Look like Northern Korean propaganda – except money (they dont have money in North Korea). Of course – they forget to show prisons full of political oponents. If they continute to develop communism, people start starve to death.

  12. lukashenku says:

    sorry english russia, i draw the line at propaganda. this is complete and utter propaganda. the belarusian president destroyed the constitution in the 1990s so that he could be president for life. they have elections – if you lose to the president, you get beaten and thrown in jail.

  13. 山下智久 says:

    what’s the relation between russia and belarus?

  14. Zonda says:

    ” Most of local policemen don’t take bribes”. “Most” meaning a number between 0 – 0.01 % ? :))

  15. A.Oscar says:

    I just read about Belarusian and real interested about it: do all of you know that, human brain are the most interesting organ, do not have infinity of information storage, the only problem humans do not have enough time to storage what love the most. I’m like encyclopedia, but not enough of what I want to know more. Belarusian are beautiful, only going there would make me more happy about it, and find somebody to tell me more about such place. A.Oscar

  16. Farrest says:

    It’s not from the Ministry of State Propaganda: dictator Lukashenko hates Belarussian medieval heritage.
    But it’s a story from a human, poisoned by the state propaganda.

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