6 Leech Cosmetics Production

Leech Cosmetics Production

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Some people grin hearing about leeches being applied in medicine but they should not. Today, we will tell you about production of cosmetics using leech saliva and leech extract. We are at International Medical Leech Center situated in the Moscow Region. It was founded in 1937. Now it successfully grows medical leeches in artificial conditions to produce cosmetics.


Saliva of medical leeches is a balanced complex of biologically active substances. In the photograph you see a leech model and tools to extract its saliva.

They hold the leech with their scissors-vise and suck in its saliva with a special device. The leech doesn't die after the procedure but it isn't happy about it either.

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6 Responses to “Leech Cosmetics Production”

  1. (r)evolutionist says:

    See, leeches help humanity more politicians.

  2. rostit says:

    I want to stick tampons to my wounds.

  3. People's Commissar says:

    The leech doesn’t die after the procedure but it isn’t happy about it either.

    The leech stands the photo session with dignity.


  4. Tangowolf says:

    Well it can’t be any worse than the other makeup or skin creams we buy. :\

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