5 How To Make A Career Of A Flight Attendant

How To Make A Career Of A Flight Attendant

When a journalist changes his profession for a while to get more information and write a report straight from the source, the column becomes very popular. Today 3 bloggers from Almaty will act as cabin crew of Air Astana aviation company and understand what it means to be a flight attendant.

It was decided to fly to Atyrau instead of Almaty to enjoy a longer flight and try to handle demanding oil workers.

Later the program was changed as it was decided to fly to Saint-Petersburg.

Attendant’s unform was stitched specially for the bloggers. Every attendant gets a new uniform every 1,5-2 years.

By its 10th anniversary Air Astana company will develop a new uniform. It will combine elements of traditional Kazakh clothes and European design. Right now flight  attendants’ uniforms have the color of the national flag.

The instructors taught the bloggers how to set a table during a flight, choose best wine and cheese, and answer VIP passengers’ questions correctly.

Those willing to become flight attendants will be interviewed and have to go through a medical examination.

Then they will spend 10 days on studying the basics and safety rules of flights in Kazakhstan. 4 other days will be spent in Frankfurt or Munich where they will have practical classes.

A journey to Germany is followed by 2-week theoretical and practical classes in Almaty that will teach them to be polite with passengers, render medical aid if needed, etc. Instructors will pay attention to their success.


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5 Responses to “How To Make A Career Of A Flight Attendant”

  1. mukmika says:

    It’s a demanding job, with a few rewards of travel etc. Flying was nicer 40 years ago, but time marches on, I guess. An interesting post.

  2. prateek says:

    When does Indians require water so much when we can drown two continents with it hahah but seriously a funny one indeed

  3. Roberto says:

    hope this one is true, the reality is that u get u job without pay the first 45 days, and then u have u salary well is not like the best job of the world but survive

  4. Trevor Ketch says:

    Surprising, the food actually looked edible and good!!

  5. Aakansh says:

    How is asking for water on an airplane related to a country’s water consumption?? And get your facts straight! An avg Indian has access to 135 liters of water a day!

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