5 How To Make A Career Of A Flight Attendant

How To Make A Career Of A Flight Attendant

When a journalist changes his profession for a while to get more information and write a report straight from the source, the column becomes very popular. Today 3 bloggers from Almaty will act as cabin crew of Air Astana aviation company and understand what it means to be a flight attendant.

It was decided to fly to Atyrau instead of Almaty to enjoy a longer flight and try to handle demanding oil workers.

Later the program was changed as it was decided to fly to Saint-Petersburg.


5 Responses to “How To Make A Career Of A Flight Attendant”

  1. mukmika says:

    It’s a demanding job, with a few rewards of travel etc. Flying was nicer 40 years ago, but time marches on, I guess. An interesting post.

  2. prateek says:

    When does Indians require water so much when we can drown two continents with it hahah but seriously a funny one indeed

  3. Roberto says:

    hope this one is true, the reality is that u get u job without pay the first 45 days, and then u have u salary well is not like the best job of the world but survive

  4. Trevor Ketch says:

    Surprising, the food actually looked edible and good!!

  5. Aakansh says:

    How is asking for water on an airplane related to a country’s water consumption?? And get your facts straight! An avg Indian has access to 135 liters of water a day!

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