12 Daily Life Of Soldiers Of The 6th Tank Division

Daily Life Of Soldiers Of The 6th Tank Division

Life of soldiers has changed a lot recently. Let us look at the changes by examining the living conditions of the 6th tank division.

Soldiers of the 6th tank division stay not in barracks but in a hostel that was repaired in 2007-2008 and faced complete reconstruction. There are hostels of two types. Some have one bathroom per floor, others have bathrooms in every room.


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12 Responses to “Daily Life Of Soldiers Of The 6th Tank Division”

  1. interesting ,thanks for your sharing !

  2. 山下智久 says:

    how tall are they?

  3. ayaa says:

    Nice facilities, especially compared to previous conditions.

    BTW, it’s a brigade, not a division.

  4. Osip says:

    Again, the photos of the toilet facilities prove there is not one skilled plumber in all of Russia.

  5. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Whoa. Not bad for Russia, but that dinner looked nasty.

  6. George Johnson says:

    The girl with the RPG was kinda cute.

  7. lili says:

    Glad to see Putin has put some effort into making the army a bit more humane. Still an army but the soldiers shouldn’t be degraded by their very living conditions.

    Osip–no, they are all in New York now.

  8. jolo says:


  9. lbytesxk says:

    Do they have any tanks too?

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