22 Are The Russian Knights And Swifts Circus Performers Or Combatant Officers?

Are The Russian Knights And Swifts Circus Performers Or Combatant Officers?

Posted on February 2, 2012 by

Some people mistakingly think that the Russian Knights, an aerobatic demonstration team, are mere circus performers and useless in a real air fight. Moreover, they believe that Russian airсrafts are all outdated and cannot compete with American advanced technologies like the AIM-120. Let’s try to make them change their point of view.

Instructions before their flight.

These guys make training flights on a regular basic. Besides, their training has very little to do with aerobatics, they exercise in combat simulation. The point is that these pilots are the best in the country so they have been invited into these teams.

As for the air fighting, an experienced pilot can ‘cheat’ the missile by skillful maneuvering so the missile either loses the target or gets so ‘exhausted’ that it just falls on the ground.

So, in the modern world, Russian Sukhoi aircrafts still remain the best.

It is -21C!

They remove snow from the aircrafts manually, as if they were their cars.

Another checkup.

A brake parachute. See the ice on the plane?

The parachute opens when the plane lands and needs to slow down.

What is that?

One of the pilots.

About to take off.


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22 Responses to “Are The Russian Knights And Swifts Circus Performers Or Combatant Officers?”

  1. mark says:

    They look really out dated, like something from Top gun! Don’t think the colour helps…

    • Obama says:

      The colors are the best part!

    • Reads all the comments says:

      Its not fashion parade mark

      To be blown to bits and vaporized by a modern looking plane in the right color scheme or a plane that looks out dated will make no difference any body.

    • moo says:

      Doesn’t look any more out dated then the F-15’s the F-16’s or the F-18’s that will still be the main stay of US air force for the next 10+ years.

  2. ayaa says:

    “Let’s try to make them change their point of view.”

    Why bother? Some people are set in their ways. Haters will hate.

    • George Johnson says:

      Awwww….. Anybody that disagrees with you is a “hater”? Isn’t that special! You’re so cute when you do that.
      So does that work for everybody? I mean, I can call you a hater too right? It’s like the first person to call somebody a hater, wins?
      Or is this only for little people that think they’re special, and better than everybody else? You know, only liberals can call other people “haters”?

      • ayaa says:

        Lol. Why are you getting all worked up? Was I reffering to you? No, I wasn’t.

        Unless, of course, you associate yourself with hate, which is ironic considering the lecture you’ve just given.

        • ayaa says:

          Besides I wasn’t referring to people disagreeing with me. I’ve had more fights with people on this forum than I’ve cared to count.

          I was talking about the people that, as a general rule, even on the most innocent posts, will be able to find something negative about Russia, and go out of their way to spread their hate. Does any particular person spring to mind?

  3. yetibob says:

    I must say I really enjoy the look and design of the Mig. I hope to be able to take a flight in one some day. that aircraft and the Mil-MI 35 are my favorite 2 aircraft and I am in the USA… I hope that don’t make me a hater. I dream of owning a T-72 and a ZIL combat transport truck. to this day my favorite gun is still my 1942 made 91/30 7.62x54R <3 that round.

  4. Tovarich_Volk says:

    What’s the little hydraulic thing just forwards of the second canopy on the trainer? an extra aerobrake?

    Also, I don’t hate the Russian forces at all, and I would hope to never see them pitted against each other in anything other than airshow competitions, but I think that the current generation Sukhoi’s and perhaps even the PAK/FA would have trouble with F-22’s and future F-35’s

      • Tovarich_Volk says:

        Because taken as a whole package, they are both respectively current and future generation systems designed along the lines of differant military doctrines, with pilots who have been trained accordingly along those differant military doctrines.

    • jeffrey pigden says:

      1 That “little hydraulic thing” is a periscope. It allows the back seat pilot to see forward clearly. It allows him to look out for problems & in the event of an emergency, he can take over control.
      2. The “things” painted red & blue appear to be bolt-on tanks for the Mig29

  5. Faith Gorodki says:

    I think these guys are the cream of the crops.

    • OldBikr says:

      They are a flight demonstration team. They take the aircraft to the limit they can perform. Who was stupid enough to refer to them as “Circus Performers”?

      If they are circus performers what does that make the blue angels, the golden knights or any other flight demonstration team?

      Their job is to show what is possible with their chosen aircraft or other venue, they are not merely performers, what a stupid thought.

  6. Tommy says:

    I find it hilarious that people on here are always comparing Russian technology to 30 year old US technology.

    On another note, the SU-27 is probably one of the most beautiful airplanes in the world.

  7. Mummeli says:

    Ok, seriously, what is the russian AF training like? I mean, they get in when they’re in their 20’s, right? Then what?

    I mean, in every shot, here in ER, and i mean the previous articles aswell, the pilots seem to be in their late 40’s, with huge guts.

    Do they train indoors with FSX until they’re ‘old enough’, or what?

    • ayaa says:

      The experienced pilots get the planes, the new pilots get the simulators until they can take the place of the older pilots.

      While, the RuAF is the second largest in the world, a lot of it’s planes don’t fly much. But, with the new funding and the ongoing reforms that’s changing.

  8. Tangowolf says:

    Those are truly beautiful planes.

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