10 Untruthfully Smooth Roads Of Altay

Untruthfully Smooth Roads Of Altay

A famous Russian proverb states that there are two main problems in Russia: fools and roads. Many roads are in a bad condition. However, some new roads recently built are not even shown on the maps and today we’ll get a chance to walk along such a road.

Altay Republic.

The Ursul River.

The poster on the multi-functional Altay bus states: cafe, sauna, sports, rest.


Tyre fitting.

We have almost reached the mysterious road.

One little explosion and no mountain is found on the way of another new road any more.

In spite of the fact the road is not covered with asphalt yet, it is really nice and wide.


Crushed stone is produced here.

Do you need a bridge? No problem!

A road with beautifully laid asphalt is seen behind the barrier. It leads to a nice  house on the valley and a helicopter ground next to it.


The house is guarded heavily so don’t even dream of coming any closer.

The house is actually a tourist complex that is being constructed by Gazprom. It is up to the company to decide how the complex will be used. However, it is already clear that it is not intended for common people.

According to official documents, the road is not private and was built on taxpayer’s money.

The same documents state that the road will lead to a village nearby where tourists can have a rest and relax. But as soon as the house is left behind, the road quality becomes noticeably worse.

What kind of village is it?


It has two dozens of simple houses and no school as people prefer staying in towns.

It is supposed that after having a chat with local inhabitants tourists can go back.

At least the locals can enjoy the new road no matter what the real purpose of its construction is.

Location: Altay

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10 responses to “Untruthfully Smooth Roads Of Altay”

  1. Ongudai says:

    I think the enormous building is the famous dacha for putin. This summer I had a chat with some locals and they informed me that the building includes a major bunker….

    • Makes You Think says:

      I was told by someone involved in construction that the roads are being built to move materials and supplies. Someone or a group of people are paying to have underground bases built in this very remote area.

  2. Hugh Jonson says:

    Altay is like Russias’ Mexico?

  3. Emperor Norton says:

    Like rural United States – make your living growing weed. LOL

  4. (r)evolutionist says:

    Comrade Lenin was looking into a future dreamless men are blind to.

    • Nergol says:

      We saw what that future was, and it was a nightmare.

    • OldBikr says:

      A “Man of Steel” stole your dreams and left a nightmare in their place. Funny to have mentioned Mexico too, isn’t that where Trotsky went to?

      Mexico still was not far enough away for the “Man of Steel”.

      • (r)evolutionist says:

        Yep, the “sociopath of steel” did relegate communism to tyranny in the minds of millions. But a brotherhood of believers knows the reality behind the fog of history.

  5. leigh says:

    A lot of people assume Hemps just for smoking, but it also provides fibre for string, rope, clothes, can be added to concrete to make a lighterweight “hempcrete”, also, seed doesn’t contain THC, but is high in protien, so it makes a great “flour” grain that can be put into breads or eaten in porrage. With a bit of chemistry, hemp can also make recyclable plastics… 🙂

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