9 Dinner For A Bachelor Or How To Make Borsch.. Again

Dinner For A Bachelor Or How To Make Borsch.. Again

There are several types of borsch – Ukrainian, Chinese, East European… It does not matter in fact
because each family has its own recipe. This one was made by a young and happy bachelor!
8 Only The Fittest Will Survive

Only The Fittest Will Survive

The red beret is the pride of each special squad soldier. They treat it as a decoration for their services in battle. Not everybody is strong enough and has enough endurance to pass a test to receive it. Usually, they have to make 5-6
tries to deserve a red beret and those who manage to do it in one try are considered true heroes. Below are some photographs of a special squad unit taking a test for the red beret in the Krasnodar Territory.
4 Mini Steel Foundry Or Artificial Hell

Mini Steel Foundry Or Artificial Hell

'Casting' is the first mini steel foundry in Kazakhstan. It is situated in the city of Pavlodar. We are used to the fact that a steel foundry
is a huge enterprise producing tons of products. Pavlodar's 'Casting' disproves the case. So, welcome to this artificial hell!
0 Rynda Ships Of The Russian Fleet

Rynda Ships Of The Russian Fleet

‘Rynda’ is an armored corvette built for the Russian Emperor’s Fleet. It is one of the first ships in Russia with a steel body. In the end of the 19th century, they invested a lot of money into construction of armored cruisers and ‘Vityaz’ and ‘Rynda’ were the first to be made. Construction works began in 1883 and it was later that I. Shestakov, Minister of the Admiralty, demanded to protect the machinery and boiler departments with steel sheets of 1 to 2 in. thick. Increasing
the weight of the ship, they had to decrease the amount of coal it carried. Steel masts were installed instead of the wooden ones. In 1886, the ship entered the Atlantic Ocean and then the Pacific Ocean. In 1888, it visited Sydney to celebrate the 100th anniversary since Australia became an English colony. In 1892, in crosses the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean again. 1906, it was transformed into a training ship. In 1922, it was scrapped.
2 Here They Harden Steel

Here They Harden Steel

Motovilikha enterprise is a legendary metallurgical and military equipment manufacturer. 275 years ago, they founded a copper smeltery which has grown into a huge enterprise working for the Russian defense industry.  They would make
artillery guns and now they produce volley fire systems. Besides, the company produces road construction and oil-processing equipment. Today, we want to take you to its metallurgical and machine building department.
0 Another Tour Of Novosibirsk HPP

Another Tour Of Novosibirsk HPP

Novosibirsk Hydropower Plant  is located on the Ob River, one of the
largest rivers in the world and the longest river in Russia.
14 Moscow Winter Of 1959

Moscow Winter Of 1959

The following photos of Moscow of 1959 were made by
Carl Mydans who posted them in Life magazine.
2 Celebrating Malanka In Ukraine

Celebrating Malanka In Ukraine

Malanka is a Ukrainian and Belarusian folk holiday celebrated on January 13, which is New Year's Eve in accordance with the Julian calendar. On this day, people traditionally
go from house to house playing pranks or acting out a small play, dressed as bears and Gipsies, with a bachelor dressed in women's clothing leading the troop.
9 The Russian Knights In Bahrain

The Russian Knights In Bahrain

A team of Russian pilots Russkie Vityazi or the Russian Knights participated in Bahrain International Airshow 2012
that took place on January 19-21 where they performed 'the bell', 'the rhomb' and other acrobatic maneuvers.
4 What Changed About Kiev During The Past 100 Years

What Changed About Kiev During The Past 100 Years

In the Library of Congress of the USA, there are photographs of Kiev taken about 100 years ago. Thanks to these
photographs, we have an opportunity to compare the city of Kiev of today to Kiev as it was a century ago.

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