4 Pre-Revolution Russia In Photos. Russian Pacific Fleet Of 1898 – 1905

Pre-Revolution Russia In Photos. Russian Pacific Fleet Of 1898 – 1905

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We have some very old photos of the ships of Russian Pacific Fleet for you. Let’s start with protected cruiser Askold. She was built for the Imperial Russian Navy. She was named after the legendary Varangian Askold. Her thin, narrow hull and maximum speed of 23.8 knots (44.1 km/h) were considered impressive for the time.

Protected cruiser Boyarin was built by Burmeister & Wain in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Oslyabya was a battleship of the Russian Imperial Navy, belonging to the Peresvet-class. She was named for Rodion Oslyabya, a 14th century monk of the Troitse-Sergiyeva Lavra and a hero of the Battle of Kulikovo.

Emperor Alexander III.

Russian protected cruiser Aurora.


Admiral Nakhimov.

Almaz in Vladivostok.

Blestyaschy, Bezuprechny and Bodry in Revel.

Protected cruiser Bogatyr in Vladivostok.


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4 Responses to “Pre-Revolution Russia In Photos. Russian Pacific Fleet Of 1898 – 1905”

  1. hultan2003 says:

    nice ships , it remembers me about the Admiral movie

  2. Addy says:

    My great-grandfather served on Tsesarevich as a writer. It´s an interesting fact, that the ship took part of search-and-rescue operation after Messina earthquake in 1908 and the whole crew recived a great recognition and high awards for that.

  3. xtx says:

    all sank by japs few years later

  4. diver says:

    The ship(s) on picture labelled as “Gunboat Gremyaschy” is (are) not “Gunboat Gremyaschy” She is (they are) Borodino class battleship(s).

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