12 Starting Up The Ilyushin Il-14T

Starting Up The Ilyushin Il-14T

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In Tushino, after a one-year repair work, they started up the right engine of the Ilyushin Il-14T which hadn’t been started up for over 15 years!

They did a great job to restore the systems of the aircraft!

First of all, they had to warm up the engine because it was -15C in the street and it is not recommended to start the engine cold. To do that, they used an engine heater, a fan with a kerosene heater inside.

They have to pour about 40 liters of oil (which has been standing in a heated room for several days) into the oil box. As for the fuel, they need 200 litres of gasoline.

Discharging the old oil.

The left engine is waiting for being repaired too.

Warming up the rotor head.


Nikolay Motovilov has worked as a mechanic for the Ilyushin Il-14 all his life and he enjoys being able to help with starting the engine of this aircraft.

This cylinder contains carbonic acid (in case the engine catches fire).

In the cockpit.

There is a lot to be done here as well.

They are about to begin!

Pulling the heater away…

However, once they started the fuel pump, the fine filter began to leak. They quickly fixed it and put it back where it belonged.

Just in case, they decided to check the oil pressure indicator (it didn’t work either) and douche system (the same!).

It turned out the the douche system was Ok, it just got frozen…

They somehow managed to fix the oil pressure indicator by turning the propeller…

They had to bring the engine heater back.

Hurray! It’s working!

The smoke is white because the engine is not warm enough yet.

While the aircraft was standing still, birds built a couple of nests on it.

Oil temperature and pressure monitors.

The upper monitors show the number of revolutions per minute and temperature of one of the cylinders. The lower ones – supercharge and fuel pressure (it is broken).

This man has a really clever pair of hands!

Some time later, they stopped the enigine to check if everything was Ok. They inspected the cylinders and checked if anything was leaking.

After a short break, they started it over again.

On the whole, the engine is fine but there is still a lot of work to do.

Let’s wish these guys good luck!


Starting up the right engine of the Ilyushin Il-14T.

Location: Moscow

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12 Responses to “Starting Up The Ilyushin Il-14T”

  1. ayaa says:

    The airforce should hire more guys like these. Maybe they can do the same thing to the grounded Mig-29s and Su-27s.

  2. Apu Gupta says:

    are they planning to fly “that” straight from its junkyard? god bless them!

  3. Johan says:

    Bravo! Great work! Keep it up!

  4. Arend says:

    Very cool, getting this old tech running again!

  5. tippi-simo says:

    Winter War part II ;)

  6. Addy says:

    I can only imagine, how good they felt, when then engine started!

  7. Osip says:

    So, this is Russian version of “Scrapheap Challenge”?

  8. leo says:

    Well done guys!!

  9. jeffrey pigden says:

    What a lovely sound !!

  10. mukmika says:

    If can be made airworthy,could fly. In Northern Canada 70 year old c-46s and c-47s still in commercial use. Good luck to those good people.

  11. rostit says:

    Isnt this based off the DC3? Fantastic airplane

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