0 Repair Works Of The Moscow Canal Lock Chambers

Repair Works Of The Moscow Canal Lock Chambers

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This is the way lock chamber №6 of the Moscow Canal looks like during navigation. When the canal is closed to shipping, they pump the water out, clean the bottom and fix the walls. The repair works happen once every five years. Take a look.

Lock chamber №6 is situated in Iksha Village, the Moscow Region.

The upper gates of the lock chamber is a sector gate.

The sector gate is raised.

The lock chamber.

They are going to remove this mix of sand, crushed stone and dirt from the bottom of the canal.

Apart from sand and dirt, you can find here a lot of different things, like those old tires for example.

The lock chamber, its pump station and a pedestrian bridge.

The lower gates.

This is lock chamber №10 in Moscow.


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