9 2011 Best Photographs Of Russia. Nomination Events/Everyday Life

2011 Best Photographs Of Russia. Nomination Events/Everyday Life

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Ages, Moscow.

Asphalt, Saint Petersburg.

Face to Face, Moscow.

Fire Symphony, Chelyabinsk.

Mamayev Kurgan, Volgograd.

Redemption Rite, Saint Petersburg.

Watermelon, Moscow.

Spring in Moscow, Moscow.

Fire-Fighting Helicopter, Moscow.

Waiting for a Bus, Perm.


Fans, Moscow.

May, 1st, Moscow.

Ultimate Fighting, Moscow.

Don’t Play with the Doctor, Saint Petersburg.

Floating of Ice on the Moskva River, Moscow.

Penalty Kick, Saratov.

After Fire, Kursk.

Christening, Moscow.

Military Exercise, Moscow.

Good Catch, Salekhard.


Shaving, Saratov.

Chaos, Timashevsk.

Bus Stop, Kudyver Village.

Good Bye, School, Moscow.

Flag, Moscow.

Mission is Fulfilled, Moscow.

Walrus Hunting, Lorino.

Profession’s Side Effect, Lyubertsy.

Preparing for the Military Parade, Voronezh.

Figure Skaters, Moscow.


Birds, Moscow.

Put to Sea, Astrakhan.

Little Cossacks, Moscow.

In Circle, Moscow.

With the Wave to the Shore, Baltiysk.

Charger, Pravdinsk.

Manezhnaya Square, Moscow.

Protecting the Constitution, Saint Petersburg.

Gurading, Chelyabinsk.

Neighborhood Football, Novosibirsk.


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9 responses to “2011 Best Photographs Of Russia. Nomination Events/Everyday Life”

  1. Jeanne d'Arc says:

    very impressive picture, likely airplanes

  2. Matlok says:

    great fotos

  3. nakhodka says:

    Ballet, Moscow nightmare!

  4. George Johnson says:

    I find it so hard to believe that anybody there still celebrates communism or Stalin. That’s just insane, it’s like, “wake up, were you sleeping the last 80 years?”

  5. Mr. Fox says:

    “Fit for Military Service, Kalinigrad.”

    What she check?

  6. Trevor Ketch says:

    Awesome pictures!!

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