9 2011 Best Photographs Of Russia. Nomination Events/Everyday Life

2011 Best Photographs Of Russia. Nomination Events/Everyday Life

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Below are photographs which have become winners in the nomination ‘Events/Everyday Life’ in 2011 Best Photographs of Russia photo exhibition, the project we keep you informed of.

Eid-ul-Fitr (a Muslim holiday), Moscow.

When the World Passes You By, Moscow.

Trial, Moscow.

White Dog, Moscow.

Exercise, Moscow.

Winter Swimmers, Novosibirsk.

Arrest, Moscow.

Museum’s Night In Moscow House of Photography, Moscow.

Wallride, Maykop.


Drinking Song, Moscow.

Flight, Kurgan.

Throw, Novosibirsk.

On His Way, Kineshma.

Russian Museum. Two Ladies in Blue, Saint Petersburg.

Flood Time, Velikiy Ustuyg.

Manezhnaya Square, Moscow.

Puzzle, Novorossiysk.

Spring in Kolyvan, Novosibirsk.

…, Perm.


What was Found, has been Lost, Moscow.

Genghis Khan’s offspring, Kyzyl.

Sheep’s Horn, Yekaterinburg.

Routine, Ufa.

Weightlessness, Saint Petersburg.

Pelé with a Tail, Kozhevnikovo.

Lengthen Your Stride, Saint Petersburg.

Fit for Military Service, Kalinigrad.

At a Wharf, Saint Petersburg.

‘One Day of Life of a Bench’, Teach Bad, Moscow.


‘One Day of Life of a Bench’, Gossiping, Moscow.

May, 9th, Moscow.

Football Players, Moscow.

Renamed into Police, Balashikha.

Fighting to Become the Champion, Saint Petersburg.

Communism with a Human Face, Zheleznodorozhny.

Clean Peter, Moscow.

Empty Hills, Moscow.

Patriarch’s Hand, Rybinsk.

Special Squad Officer vs Zombie, Moscow.


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9 responses to “2011 Best Photographs Of Russia. Nomination Events/Everyday Life”

  1. Jeanne d'Arc says:

    very impressive picture, likely airplanes

  2. Matlok says:

    great fotos

  3. nakhodka says:

    Ballet, Moscow nightmare!

  4. George Johnson says:

    I find it so hard to believe that anybody there still celebrates communism or Stalin. That’s just insane, it’s like, “wake up, were you sleeping the last 80 years?”

  5. Mr. Fox says:

    “Fit for Military Service, Kalinigrad.”

    What she check?

  6. Trevor Ketch says:

    Awesome pictures!!

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