40 Welcoming The Liberation Soviet Army During WWII

Welcoming The Liberation Soviet Army During WWII

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Below are photographs taken during World War II to capture people welcoming the Liberation Soviet Army.

“Destroy fascism!”, “Marshal Stalin!”, Bulgaria.

The Red Army has entered Sofia.

Soviet soldiers and citizens of Sofia.

Latvia welcomes the Red Army.

Liberation of Rumania.

Welcoming a Soviet pilot who has just landed in Yugoslavia.

The Soviet Army in Belgrade.



Łódź citizens welcome Soviet tankmen.


Marshal I. Konev in Prague.

Soviet soldiers in the city of Rizhovskaya Banya.

Moravská Ostrava.

Welcoming the Red Army in Prague.

via victory.rusarchives.ru, usinfo.ru

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40 responses to “Welcoming The Liberation Soviet Army During WWII”

  1. r229 says:


  2. Osip says:

    I wonder what the celebrations would be like if those people knew what the next 45 years would be.

  3. hau says:

    liberation? more like occupation

  4. Adrian says:

    For the propaganda in was “liberation” when in fact it was occupation.

  5. (r)evolutionist says:

    Too bad these countries all equate communism to Stalinism.

  6. George Johnson says:

    Many times they WERE welcomed as liberators. But they stayed for ever and oppressed the people. The people didn’t know what they were getting into.

    Many times, Stalin stalled the “liberation”, until the people basically gave away their lives to the Russians, so they would come in and clear out the Nazi’s. A VERY high price to pay. This is how almost all of the “soviet bloc” was created.

    Either outright invasion, or the price people “paid” for their “liberation”.

  7. ptc says:

    It is surprise that Red Army was welcomed – look like citizens were very happy, because SSSR immediatelly took 1/3 of these countries and joined it to SSSR – Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia, all these countries lost major parts. In fact, Stalin’s conquest of Europe was big fail – it was stopped at Rhine river by Americans. As a result, SSSR colapsed 40 years later and it is not an empire anymore.

  8. EVA BRAUN says:


    • historian says:

      There were 100.000 children born by the rape of the german. So you germans got back, what you deserved. As until 1955 most of the people stood behind the politic of hitler, we shouldnt regret it. Nowdays its ofcourse different. But those generations of germans deserves hate.

    • You fool, what Germans think of the Soviets is irrelevant. Germans were the the ones who started the war and the Soviets (evil themselves) finished.

  9. ayaa says:

    Convenient as always, to forget that the Germans themselves started all this.

  10. Mister Dog says:

    How do you know your life sucks? You get “liberated” from the Nazis by the Red Army. Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire.

  11. hultan2003 says:

    If you want to see more pictures with the firsts soviet soldiers entering in Bucharest , access

  12. alexander says:

    about the german womens, ask 26,6 million ussr peoples who was killed by nazi’s… USSR, USA and UK were liberated europe from nazi’s and that is true, USSR was liberated most part of eastern europe and if you think that it is only propaganda you should to clean you brain from antirussians stupid staff.

  13. Piotr says:

    my grandmother was raped by Russian “liberation” soldiers. her friend also 🙁 War is hell.

  14. Stalins Cat says:

    Eva Braun,
    What about the Nazi dogs raping and pillaging all over Europe ?
    You Fascists started it,the Red Army finished it !
    Hope this helps.

    • hedgehog says:

      Nazi’s NEVER raped all over Europe ,this was a “privilage ” for Stalin his army
      deal penalty was the punishment for rape in German Army

  15. Macha Iva says:

    My poor Eva… You make me sick…!! Think before talking…. and ask the russians women how german soldiers raped, tortured and killed them, little girls, mothers and their children… burnt lively in their house… like members of my family.
    God bless the great Russia

  16. Avatar952 says:

    Liberators ? It’s more like occupants ! They might’ve been welcomed in Serbia, but not in Bulgaria or Romania. For us it was occupation, not liberation. And because of that occupation there was 45 years of komunism in my country. I’m really sorry that Germany lose the war.

    • Don says:

      Do you know that only 25% of slavs had to become a slaves for Big Germany from Paris to Ural? other 75% had to die,if your ancestry been germans its ok to hear such things…but if you’re a slavic you are just with a mind of lil kid. Your “communist” life was paradise for our people in urban Russia. You haven’t even lived back to those days. Say thanx to Russia for liberation from Osman Empire and later from Germany.

      • Avatar952 says:

        And do you know that the majority of bulgarians are not slavs? That we were allies with the Germany in both world wars and fight against the russians? That 1941-1944 is the only period in Bulgarian recent history when we were in our natural borders? The only reason for Russia liberating us from the otomans was to gain control of the straits ! Why they don’t support us in 1885 when we unite our country, but support the serbs who stab us in the back? So don’t talk to me about red army “liberating” us !

      • chemia says:

        yea ! soviet army safe the univers ! But really change the topic to “new invider”

  17. too much vodka says:

    Always funny to see how a bunch of pictures is a reason for people on this forum to start fighting World War II all over again.

  18. Red Starr says:

    Don’t quarrel children, communism was bitter pills against fascism.

  19. blago84 says:

    In the case of Bulgaria and Romania the “libertation” was a pure form of occupation, in the Bulgarian case after the USSR declared war on Bulgaria.

  20. Avatar952 says:

    And do you know that the majority of bulgarians are not slavs? That we were allies with the Germany in both world wars and fight against the russians? That 1941-1944 is the only period in Bulgarian recent history when we were in our natural borders? The only reason for Russia liberating us from the otomans was to gain control of the straits ! Why they don’t support us in 1885 when we unite our country, but support the serbs who stab us in the back? So don’t talk to me about red army “liberating” us !

  21. anonymous says:

    we lost the war, the world turned into the darkest ages, which are still here, full of degenerates, racemixing, immigrants,… cant wait for another Adolf Hitler, this time we will win!

  22. Daniel says:

    My family are Latvian (emigrated to the US in the years after WWII). I was not born until 1965. I spoke more about this to my aging father today. He reminded me of a few things…

    My father, seeing these pictures said, “Hell yes we welcomed the Red Army! I am still grateful for their sacrifice.” (This from a man who couldn’t be more of a supporter of democracy!)

    During German occupation his sister was forced to work as a civilian nurses’ assistant at a labor camp (it was probably Kaiserwald, on the outskirts of Riga). She contracted tuberculosis and died.

    This was one of the more minor horrors that my father attributes to the Germans. I will spare you the real horror stories of rape and murder perpetrated by those thugs. (And, of course, it was 1000x worse in places like Ukraine!)

    After liberation by the Soviets came the letdown of more occupation and another 45 years or so before real freedom. But as bad as things became under the Soviets, my family wasn’t in physical danger like they were with the Germans. Oppression took more subtle forms under the Soviets than under the Germans.

    As for what the Soviets did in Germany — it was revenge, pure and simple. Germany sowed the wind and reaped the whirlwind — as the saying goes.

    • andy says:

      Thanks Daniel for your honest and forthright first-person account! It would be nice to see more posts like yours, instead of armchair generals trying to rewrite history.

  23. Stalins Cat says:

    Interesting reading Daniel,the last paragraph sums it up for me.

  24. Stalins Cat says:

    Anonymous – another Hitler ? hahaha
    Just what the world needs,another Charle Chaplin look-alike !
    “This time we will win ” hahaha- you’re a comedian,you couldn’t win an egg and spoon race.

  25. chemia says:

    And as they were leaving, no one said goodbye…

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jokJJ1NDSSA – listen russian speech


  26. andy says:

    Soviet courage and sacrifice in defeating Nazi Germany saved the lives of thousands of US, British and Canadian forces, I believe – men who may not have been able to defeat Germany from the west if Hitler could have moved all those divisions from the east.

    Also, I think Germany’s economic recovery was due much to the US Marshall Plan, which Stalin, unfortunately rejected.

  27. Stalins Cat says:

    Well said Andy.

    Similar to what Churchill said about the Red Army ” ripping the guts out of the Wehrmacht ” on the Eastern Front.

  28. victorino says:

    Surely, you have never experienced what the real war was/ And it was on the USSR territory. Still, in EuROPE IT WAS CIVILIZED.(thanks God).You will never understand common Russians who bore the burden of war. The Soviets proposed to sign a treaty to France and Britain before the Ribbentrop pact, but noting came of it. Then they just had to choose Germany to be safe at least several years. As for friendship with Nazis, why don`t you remember Spain when only Soviets helped the republicans in Spain while others kept silence? Why the great powers didn`t help Poland (strange war in 1939-41)? Why the US declared war too late to see who is winning? And what about you – Europeans, you all were like cowards -capitulated without struggle. Of course it`s better to live a wewalthy life than to fight with occupants, or to sit somewhwre in London in emigration like de Gaulle and then suddenly to become a “great power”, – even Keitel, signing the capitulation act, was shocked – ” Are they also winners?” he asked. Basically, Europe always licks ass either to Stalin (when he was alive), either to uncle Sam and now to Muslims and your friends from Africa. I am sorry you`ve lost everything and memory as well.

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