10 Moscow of 1931 In Photos Of Branson DeCou

Moscow of 1931 In Photos Of Branson DeCou

We have already showed you photos of Moscow taken in 1909. Let us see the way the city was changed in 22 years. The photos below were taken in 1931 by Branson DeCou, a traveller, and were later colored with aniline ink.

Viewing the Kremlin from the Great Stone Bridge.

Viewing the Kremlin from the Moskvoretski bridge.

The view of Moskvoretskaya street from the Moskvoretski bridge.

The Faceted Chamber.

The Annunciation Cathedral.

Ivan the Great Bell Tower.

Red Square.



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10 Responses to “Moscow of 1931 In Photos Of Branson DeCou”

  1. USSR says:

    Very impressive collection of photographs.Glimpse of long passed life frozen in time.I wonder if any of those people survived and still living..Was surprised that Kremlin Spassky tower had still tsarist two headed eagle on it in 1931.
    And looks like Stalin’s cult of personality had not taken hold yet. I saw only one potarait of him in the streets.

  2. (r)evolutionist says:

    “Be true to your school” (of communism).

  3. Vittu says:


  4. alextrish says:

    Transportation Cabinet’s ridiculous

  5. Matt says:

    What does the Nazi statue say?

    • Babysitter says:

      This is not Nazi but Mannerheim, leader of Finland. Finns used swastika as their symbol too. Finland broke away off Russia during October Revolution and this statue says that whoever want to go back under Moscow rule will be hanged.

  6. Someone says:

    It says “who will shout “long live Moscow” will be hanged”

  7. anx says:

    Nice, nice… this Moscow is GONE. Now it’s a polluted, disgusting, overcrowded, nasty ant-house. I don’t wish to visit my homeplace again, too heartbreaking.

  8. anx says:

    Interesting how so many buildings look very modern, as if they were built in the 80s. Even the fonts on the fascades look modern. “Stolovaya” looks like it’s been built 20 years ago, I swear.

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