5 Diving Exercise In Volzhsky

Diving Exercise In Volzhsky

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Today, we want to show you again how they train divers in Russia. We chose the 187th training center located in the city of Volzhsky, the Volgograd Region.

What does the Army need divers for? First of all, divers inspect underwater constructions. Then, they do all kinds of underwater works, like construction or blasting; they detect mines, bombs and other ammunition; work in sunk ships and boats, explore the shoreline, measure depth and do other very important things.

There are three diving suits by the pool because they train divers to be able to use any of them when necessary.

This one looks new.

This diver is supposed to help his partner who can’t get out of water.

Divers train every day to practice for second-nature. They learn how to saw metal underwater, use different tools and measure things.

One hose is with oxygen and the second one is with a telephone cable. Also, they can signal by means of the diver code using a rope.

Divers go into the water in pairs.


They help each diver take off the diving suit because it is impossible to do it by yourself.

Drying their diving suits.

Some of the equipment used in the training center.

Compressed air.

A helmet for the orange suit.


A fresco on the wall. Photographs are taken from left to right.

Location: Volzhsky

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5 responses to “Diving Exercise In Volzhsky”

  1. ayaa says:

    What does the Army need divers for? I don’t know. The fact that the new pay scheme means that divers will get a 100% bonus of their monthly salary, shows just how MUCH the army wants divers.

    • Ulrike Meinhof says:

      It´s in fact an extremly hard work and wery risky being down there under water and breath high pressure gas so personally i think its well deserved if so. I hawe scuba cert so i know what i am talkinng about.

      • ayaa says:

        Me too. I also have a certification which is equivalent to the PADI Advanced OWD certificate.

        But somehow I’ve never been in a situation where diving is any more dangerous than most military tasks. And it certainly isn’t as dangerous as parajumping.

  2. Regnard says:

    What is it the last picture? A field-kitchen? 🙂

  3. scud-werfer says:

    where are the little sisters ^^?

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