6 Backup Bunker Of The Commander-In-Chief

Backup Bunker Of The Commander-In-Chief

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During World War II, Chistye Prudy Metro Station was used as the headquarters of the General Stuff of the Red Army. Trains would pass the station by and here they also placed an underground office of Commander-in-Chief Joseph Stalin.

Later, they built a new bunker for their Commander-in-Chief. This place is unique due to both its architecture and history.

The construction has a separate shaft with an elevator and staircase.

This door leads into the bunker.

A long passage.

Its communication center, filter-ventilation installation and entrance into the Metro.

The lower level of the master unit.

There are a bunch of rooms here.

A shooting gallery.


Cables and wires.

Compressed air.

Another passage.

“Drinking water”.

Three diesel generators.


Patch panels.

An old telephone.

A marble staircase.


The upper level.

A gym.

A conference room.

Location: Moscow

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6 responses to “Backup Bunker Of The Commander-In-Chief”

  1. alien says:

    Is my understanding right this structure was actually made of metro station filled with floors and partial walls?

  2. Osip says:

    Much of the appointments appear to be much later than WW2. It may have been occupied until 1980’s perhaps.

  3. rostit says:

    please no more HDR.

  4. Pedro says:

    “how to not to make HDR”

  5. Bheki says:

    Why would such a good structutre be left to rot?

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