13 68 Years Since The Siege Of Leningrad

68 Years Since The Siege Of Leningrad

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It’s been 68 years since the Siege of Leningrad. We post the following photographs highlighting the city’s infrustructure, advertisements, signs, etc.

The photo above was taken in 1941. It pictures air balloons which were used to prevent German aircrafts from making low flights over Leningrad.

Shop windows are boarded up.

People would stick paper on their windows so that they didn’t break during another bombing.


“Driver! Stop!”

“We buy clothes”.

“Save your money in savings banks”.


“Bomb Shelter”.

1942. With this device, they would listen to what was going on in the sky.

“From 1 p.m. till 3 p.m. hot water for sale. 1 liter per person.”

“Coffins for sale”.

“Ready to exchange for food:

1. Golden cuff links.

2. Cloth for a skirt.

3. Men’s shoes, yellow.

4. Teapot (kind of samovar).

5. Camera.

6. Drill.”



“Plays. Theater. Musical comedies.”

“Long Live Defenders of Leningrad! Citizens of Leningrad are True Patriots!”

“Movie Theater”, “Theater”.


“Cafeteria is open again. We buy plates and tea sets for cash.”

“Watch out! Unexploded bomb!”

“Death to infanticides!”

“Kill fascists! Your mother will forgive you! Take vengeance! That is what your Motherland is calling you for!”


“Let’s pick it up!”


Location: Saint Petersburg

via tema

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13 responses to “68 Years Since The Siege Of Leningrad”

  1. ayaa says:


    Apparently less than 5% of the Leningrad citizens who were killed died of direct German bombing or shelling. The vast majority died of hunger.

  2. Steamed McQueen says:

    Second photo from the top – the one with the livestock- That’s Ulitsa Vvyedenskaya. On the left is House 17. This was the exact building where I lived from 2001 – 2008.

    I knew if I read this site long enough there would be a photo of my old place!


  3. Rich says:

    the picture with the translation “kill the fascist” actually means “kill the german”.
    what a lousy attempt of of whitewashing the bolshevik regime.nowedays, everything seems to be the opposite of the truth.

    • ayaa says:

      Not surprising. During the war, all Germans were considered Nazis. Similar to the way that during the Cold War, all soviets were considered communists.

      • Jan Prosper Witkiewicz says:

        “all soviets were considered communists”

        hahaha, dont tell, what a suprise ..
        I heard about national bolsheviks, and now it seems there are anticomunist bolsheviks, Russia is a great country indeed 🙂

        • ayaa says:

          WTF are you ranting on about? When I said Soviets, I meant the Soviet citizen. Contrary to what western propaganda may claim, Soviet does not = Communist.

    • 2G says:

      “Kill a German! Revenge! Kill a German! The old mother asks you to. Kill a German! The child begs you. Kill a German, shouts the Motherland”

      Although singular is used in the poster, it meant plurar.

    • Jean Allemand says:

      The fact , “truth” , is … russian citizens were brainwashed enthousiasts far more longer than german ones … and this actually goes on as well , with the old hypocrits communists masters turning themselves so easily into oligarques , when , nowadays , 35 former soviet individuals detain 50% of the national gross wealth and 25% more by the mafia working hand in hand with them.
      Anyway , apart of that consideration upon sad karma of this lovely romantic people I am in love with for their fantastic resilience , I want to thanks alot the native russian speakers on that wonderful site for the effort they made to express themselves in the new international language , like I , a french one , actually do .

  4. RichardDS says:

    If you look at population trends for SP/LG, there is a sharp drop during the siege.

  5. Mariel says:

    So sad … poor people.

  6. todd says:

    Richard who would screw when theres a war on ha ha.

  7. bleki557 says:

    Is that tank BT-2 or BT-7, can’t really tell.

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