23 What Are Jails In Georgia Like?

What Are Jails In Georgia Like?

Posted on January 27, 2012 by

We want to take you to a jail in Georgia to see under what conditions its prisoners are held (the jail has been renewed).

A passage (before and after).

One of the doors.

Its staircase…

And dining room.

A yard.

A prison cell.

In the kitchen.

In the shower room.

The prison building.

It features a gym…

Here, they sometimes hold sports games.

Here prisoners receive free medical assistance.

A dental room.

A video date.

Prisoners may have a real 24-hour date with their wives/husbands (paid service).

A bathroom.

Prisoners make bread by themselves.

Instead of staying in jail, they can serve their term by working as woodcutters for example. In this case, they receive a salary which they can send to their families or buy something for themselves.

Location: Georgia

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23 Responses to “What Are Jails In Georgia Like?”

  1. Antosha says:

    Thanks to Mr. Putin! The first one btw.

  2. alisalv says:

    well, hope more facilities more prison get well soon :)

  3. hcz says:

    why are there georgians flags in the gym when you claim it to be in Chechenya? #FAIL

  4. Al says:

    Nice Georgian prison.

  5. BlowME says:

    This post is total bs… this prison is in Georgia, it clearly looks ike a western (U.S.) type prison, just like that hospetal we seen recently… btw there are signs clearly written in georgian…

  6. ro says:

    Old two storey builiding- new four storey building? FAIL

  7. mike says:

    i am genuinely surprised ayaa hasn’t commented on how this is “Like in the army” or “more comfortable than the army”

  8. nikita sergeevich says:

    “before” pictures are much nicer, they look more like real russia

  9. Viggen says:

    Well spent US tax money…

  10. USSR says:

    That’s where american tax payers money go… to renovate Georgia’s prisons :(

  11. Osip says:

    Sorry, but it is much too luxurious. Perhaps intended for VIP?

  12. marked one says:

    this is completely wrong, it makes people want end in jail….

  13. zero says:

    Georgia is not russia.

  14. Laura says:

    Looks nicer than some American hotels. Not to mention prisons.

  15. Trevor Ketch says:

    Club fed!

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