3 Working For Hyundai-Altufyevo

Working For Hyundai-Altufyevo

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This man is a journalist who has been offered to work for Hyundai-Altufyevo for just one day. Let’s see what came out of it.

He had to wake up at 7 and go down this ‘underworld’ which made him realize that he would never ever work for Hyundai-Altufyevo on a regular basis.

It’s 8.30 a.m. and people are coming to their work. On the opposite side of the road there is Rolf-Mitsibishi, by the way.

In the showroom, there is a bunch of automatic cash terminals for clients. However, it is unlikely that any of them has enough cash to buy a car.

Here they are! Their … “dear” clients. Actually, the autodealer opens at 7.30 so these workers have to wake up at around… 5?

Sometimes, they hold promotions working 24 hours. That’s a bummer.

That white collar in glasses is the journalist.

His first position included working with service center clients. He had to find out which specialist each client needed and fill in the forms. Besides, he had to make sure that those who made an appointment were to arrive in time.

His second job was even more difficult. He had to examine the car and say what the problem was. Is that possible?

By the way, if your dealer doesn’t want to repair your car for its own expense, in fact it is not the dealer which is reponsible, it is the company which produced your car because often they demand that their dealers repair as few cars as possible.

Reading instructions on safety measures.

Alexander is a very talented mechanic. He’s showing his pass.

Actually, each mechanic has his own tools. These are most valuable ones.

This is a storehouse where mechanics receive necessary component parts.

To be a good car mechanic, you should work hard and never stop learning new things.

Nice lifters.

Maybe, one day there will appear a new race with long arms for them to install car radios and alarm systems.

As for this job, it was better to be a white collar…

You can always identify a lady’s car. It usually has all kinds of cute toys and decorations.

Changing the wheel.

No comment.

In the body shop.

This looks like a Sonata.

They do love red here!

Here you can find any color you want.

Some people don’t have much to do here, do they?

Repairing car bodies is a very peculiar job. For example, you have to polish a bumper for three hours and remain sane. Is it actually possible?

That’s how bumpers look like in section.

“Used antifreeze and oil”.

Photographs of the employees in the cafeteria.

By the way, here they serve rather tasty food. And one more thing, people working with cars lack personal contacts and communication so they are a dream of any reporter because they will tell you everything once you ask a question.

They say that cars get more and more technologically advanced and it gets unprofitable to repair them.

By the way, tire fitting equipment is situated right in the repair shop but there are special people who are allowed to work on it. They should be careful because it is very easy to spoil the tire or disk.

The journalist’s final taks was to return the car to its owner but that’s another story.

Location: Moscow

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3 Responses to “Working For Hyundai-Altufyevo”

  1. 山下智久 says:

    hyundai motor…very beautiful

  2. CZenda says:

    “cars get more and more technologically advanced and it gets unprofitable to repair them”
    The future of automotive industry? Designing cars which will only survive for the duration of warranty period. A friend of mine had a Ford van bought brand new(I do not remember its exact make, probably Transit), which suffered a fatal gearbox breakdown a WEEK after the warranty period expired.

  3. sergei says:

    i have a friend that owned a hyundai, and he the only thing he can say about hyundais is SHIT, they may seem good and reliable, but fast forward a couple of years and you have nothing but a shitty made car that can have that many problems it aint funny.
    the only thing he wanted to do is dump the car in a river or use as an anchor and even that would fail.

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