0 Construction Of The Sports Center Near Vladivostok

Construction Of The Sports Center Near Vladivostok

The plan of construction of the sports center with total area of 24830 square meters next to Vladivostok was approved in 2010.

The center will consist of two ice fields, four basketball and volleyball courts and a concert hall for 7 000 people.

Metal framework has been already mounted.

It is decided to complete the construction earlier that it was planned.

Outlines of the complex are well-visible.

Partition walls will be mounted very soon.

The first level of the building is located 3,3 m below the ground. The place will embrace two huge ice fields, medical centers, a dining-room for personnel, etc.

2 cafes will be placed on the first floor.

The main ice arena, cafes, pubs, 2 sports grounds will occupy the second floor.

2 more sports grounds will be located 9,7 m high.


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