6 Membrane Roofing Of Olimpiysky Stadium In Kiev

Membrane Roofing Of Olimpiysky Stadium In Kiev

Installation of the membrane is the final stage of a stadium roof construction. Ukrainian builders have never worked with membrane roofing so they had to invite specialists from Germany. However, only time will show if this kind of roofing is suitable for Ukrainian climate and weather conditions.

So, let’s see how the membrane was installed in Olimpiysky National Sports Complex in Kiev.

As a rule, the work goes very slowly in the beginning. This picture was taken one month after they began the installation, and as you see, almost nothing’s changed.

However, the more they did, the easier it was for them to work.

The result is obvious.

The membrane is made of glass cloth and is covered with teflon on both sides. Its transparence is 12%.

The membrane has a strength of 13 tons per square meter; weight is 1 kg per square meter. Besides, according to its producers, it can stand high temperatures of up to +260C!

There are more and more of it on the stadium!

Those hanging cables on the right are for lighting and sound equipment.

The membrane is supposed to protect 100% of stands of the stadium. However, nothing is said about slanting rain.

It looks beautiful!

One month later, they’ve done half the job.

When exposed to direct sunlight, the membrane loses its color and grows white.

It’s the end of August.

In the middle of September, they were at the closing stage.

The membrane has changed the look of the stadium greatly!

Let’s see what’s going on upstairs.

This membrane is 48,000 m2 which makes it one of the largest in Europe.

The dirt that you see on the membrane is left after the builders and will soon be washed away with rain.

This net is used as a safety equipment and makes it possible for the workers to move around.

This is a spool of membrane.

They unwind the membrane…

To fasten it to the backing stay.

They will cover the slit later.

After that, they fasten it to the ‘umbrellas’.

They uplift them with hoists.

Finally, they remove the net.

They may change the height of the ‘umbrella’ with a special screw nut.

Then they have to assemble and install the ‘umbrella tops’.

They cover them with transparent ETFE film for the lawn to be able to receive enough sunlight.

They fasten the film with metal plates.

Delivering the ‘umbrella top’ to where it belongs.


Looking at the ‘umbrella’ from below.

The next and final stage of the work is to run cables (sound and lighting) between the membrane leaves.


Check out this time lapse video of how they constructed the membrane roof.

Location: Kiev

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6 Responses to “Membrane Roofing Of Olimpiysky Stadium In Kiev”

  1. Sasha says:

    What is the membrane made of?

    • flodadolf says:

      Look up: “The membrane is made of glass cloth and is covered with teflon on both sides. Its transparence is 12%.”

  2. SH says:

    Nice stadium, just one problem.
    Spectators can see nothing from their seats, they’re extremely far from the field.
    Experienced that in Buenos Aires, Argentina, River Plate Stadium. The bloody athleticks track puts you miles away of the action.

  3. Ricsi says:

    Probably a huge folly,we have an expo-centre made of this same membrane idea here in Pécs,Hungary-an absolute fortune to maintain it and we only have minus 15 C max in winter,but upto 40 C in summer.

  4. Renato Brito says:

    Beautiful stadium, Maracanã will be equally beautiful.

  5. Manuel says:

    It’s simply B E A T I F U L !!!!

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