2 The Youngest Metro In The World

The Youngest Metro In The World

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It is just one month old and it took them 23 years to build it. It is 8.5 km long and people use it more as an attraction. We are going to explore the Almaty Metro, Kazakhstan.

The Almaty Metro opened on December 1st, 2011. Construction works began in the Soviet time in 1988 but after the fall of the USSR, the construction was frozen to be resumed in 2005.

Photography is prohibited here unless you have an authorization.

People with a bicycle and dogs are allowed to use the metro which is good.

To enter the metro, you may use either your multi entry smart card that expires in 90 days or a token valid during one day. Both of them are protected with micro chips.

Saturday is a token’s day. Each Saturday, people may bring their invalid tokens for free reprogramming.

Now, it would not be a problem for special needs people or mommies with a stroller to get into the metro.


So far, people have been coming here for a joyride.

Local newspapers wrote that some newlyweds visited the metro for a change on their wedding day.

They plan to build several more stations and one of them is going to be called ‘Moscow’.

Trains arrive every 15 minutes.

This station is called ‘Baikonur’. Here, they show a movie about a rocket launch.


That girl in a uniform warns people not to cross the line and come too close to the edge. The point is that these people may use the Metro for the first time in their life and not know basic safety tips.

South Korean Hyundai Rotem has designed and produced 7 stainless steel trains specially for the Almaty Metro.

All trains are equipped with air conditioners and surveillance cameras.

A sleeperless track.


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  1. Nate Yomadic says:

    Great photos, amazing story. One for history.

  2. USSR says:

    Great looking subway.. Congats to Almaty!

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