2 Surveillance Cameras For The Upcoming Presidential Elections

Surveillance Cameras For The Upcoming Presidential Elections

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They began to install surveillance cameras at polling stations of Russia for the upcoming presidential elections scheduled for March, 4th. Over 91 thousand polling stations are going to be equipped with web cameras to provide live translation at a specially designed data portal. They allocated 13 billion rubles (433 million dollars) for this purpose from the federal budget in hope to eliminate the possibility of fraud during the elections.

Hardware-software complexes are produced at Kraftway factory in the Kaluga Region while Rostelecom is responsible for telecommunications. Let’s see how it all happens.

Russian companies Sitronics and Kraftway have been chosen to produce hardware-software complexes.

Sitronics produces Lenovo laptops and Logitech web cameras.

Kraftway in Obninsk is going to produce 25 thousand hardware-software complexes.

Kraftway is the largest IT company in Russia. It is located in the city of Obninsk and specializes in computer body and final product production.

For their hardware-software complexes, they use computer platform Fujistu.

Each complex includes a PC, two HD video cameras, monitor, battery and active USB extenders.

Desktops. They are going to deliver sets into 65 regions of the country.

Software installation.

Logitech web cameras.

Records made at each polling station will be kept on the hard disk of the computer for one year after official publication of the results of the elections.

At least two web cameras will be installed at each polling station. One will record the hall and ballots distribution while the other will show the ballot box.


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