8 Only The Fittest Will Survive

Only The Fittest Will Survive

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The red beret is the pride of each special squad soldier. They treat it as a decoration for their services in battle. Not everybody is strong enough and has enough endurance to pass a test to receive it. Usually, they have to make 5-6 tries to deserve a red beret and those who manage to do it in one try are considered true heroes.

Below are some photographs of a special squad unit taking a test for the red beret in the Krasnodar Territory.


Border line


Location: Krasnodar Territory

via photopolygon.com

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8 responses to “Only The Fittest Will Survive”

  1. 山下智久 says:

    You got the whole world around

  2. ayaa says:

    I’m glad they didn’t put in a photo of “thirty seconds in heaven”.

    • Matlok says:

      What is thirty seconds in heaven?

      • ayaa says:

        It’s a form of punishment. One red beret grabs your right arm in a choke, the other your left arm, another holds your legs while one chokes your head. It’s excruciating, and you are supposed to hold out for thirty seconds without tapping out.

        The thirty seconds in “heaven” is just crude sarcasm.

  3. ayaa says:

    Even in training they get Ak-10x’s! :O
    The Russian army really is reforming. Yay!

  4. ayaa says:

    “Usually, they have to make 5-6
    tries to deserve a red beret and those who manage to do it in one try are considered true heroes.”

    Well thats wrong. Only one out of every seven or eight spetsnaz candidates finish the course and get the red beret. Less than half of those that fail ever return.

  5. asd says:

    It should be noted that if russian army soldier is offered a medal or red beret tryout he will most likely always choose a tryout.
    Also they only get the beret if your AK still shoots a shot after the tryout.

  6. ayaa says:

    These aren’t military spetsnaz. They are from the MVD. Using their correct name, they are osnaz.

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