4 Mini Steel Foundry Or Artificial Hell

Mini Steel Foundry Or Artificial Hell

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‘Casting’ is the first mini steel foundry in Kazakhstan. It is situated in the city of Pavlodar. We are used to the fact that a steel foundry is a huge enterprise producing tons of products. Pavlodar’s ‘Casting’ disproves the case. So, welcome to this artificial hell!

‘Casting’ occupies several rather compact departments.

Here they melt ferrous metal. In the photo you see how they put metal into their arc steel-smelting furnace. It looks fantastic! The fire almost reaches the ceiling!

This is an arc steel-smelting furnace, it is electric.

Its yearly production capacity is 1.2 million tons. Scrap metal makes 95% of its raw material and 5% are different additives.

Temperature in the furnaces reaches +1,500C!

They are about to melt a T-1000.

After the scrap metal is melted, it goes into a casting machine.


They pour liquid steel into a water-cooled form called crystallizer.

When the upper layers of the ingot harden and the inner part is liquid, they crystallize it again to make it hard all over.

They try to make its structure uniform.


Their produce includes wires, reinforcement rods and other metal-roll. A quater of what they produce is iron ingots used in seamless pipes production.

Location: Pavlodar

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4 responses to “Mini Steel Foundry Or Artificial Hell”

  1. Number says:

    Nice,these pictures of an electric(induction)melting pot…and then almost all scrap metal…that’s good business for a poor standard country.

  2. Number says:

    Ow and it would be great if the most of the electricity
    production came from co2 neutral productions

  3. (r)evolutionist says:

    Peace and glory to the Workers.

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