9 The Russian Knights In Bahrain

The Russian Knights In Bahrain

A team of Russian pilots Russkie Vityazi or the Russian Knights participated in Bahrain International Airshow 2012 that took place on January 19-21 where they performed ‘the bell’, ‘the rhomb’ and other acrobatic maneuvers.








via fotografersha and sergeydolya

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9 responses to “The Russian Knights In Bahrain”

  1. Jesus says:

    Very beautiful pictures. Spectacular!

  2. Mr Fox says:

    Su-27 is the most beautiful looking modern fighter air craft. Hands down.

  3. 山下智久 says:

    happy new year!

  4. Pedro says:

    3D trust vectoring. something developed by russia 15 years ago that americans still fail to copy.
    supermanoeuvrability is really important in countermeasures, specially in a BVR world.

  5. Claude_Balls_Lion_Tamer says:

    Genuine copy of America’s Blue Angels. Russia always second. How’s your Buran space shuttle doing? LOL

    • ayaa says:

      Hey, Genius. Where’s YOUR space shuttle, huh? Enjoy those soyuz rides.

      BTW, if Russia is always second, how come we beat you into space in the first place?

  6. Keyvan says:

    SU-27 the most beautiful fighter ever made

  7. ben says:

    hahahah im american but claude you got owned good job ayaa!

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