0 Rynda Ships Of The Russian Fleet

Rynda Ships Of The Russian Fleet

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‘Rynda’ is an armored corvette built for the Russian Emperor’s Fleet. It is one of the first ships in Russia with a steel body. In the end of the 19th century, they invested a lot of money into construction of armored cruisers and ‘Vityaz’ and ‘Rynda’ were the first to be made. Construction works began in 1883 and it was later that I. Shestakov, Minister of the Admiralty, demanded to protect the machinery and boiler departments with steel sheets of 1 to 2 in. thick. Increasing the weight of the ship, they had to decrease the amount of coal it carried. Steel masts were installed instead of the wooden ones.

In 1886, the ship entered the Atlantic Ocean and then the Pacific Ocean.
In 1888, it visited Sydney to celebrate the 100th anniversary since Australia became an English colony.
In 1892, in crosses the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean again.
1906, it was transformed into a training ship.
In 1922, it was scrapped.

The cuddy.


On the deck.

The capitan.

The crew, 1892.

Sailors from ‘Rynda’.


A Sunday inspection.

Serving out grog for the crew.

A visitor’s day.

Sailors and thier guests.


A boat crew.

Sailors participate in a boat race.

Saying their good bye to the USA.

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