0 Another Tour Of Novosibirsk HPP

Another Tour Of Novosibirsk HPP

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Novosibirsk Hydropower Plant  is located on the Ob River, one of the largest rivers in the world and the longest river in Russia.

“Novosibirsk Hydropower Plant”.

Construction works lasted for 11 years. They began to pour concrete in May, 1953 and in 1956 they dammed the river. One year later, they launched their first hydraulic unit and 6 months later their 7th hydraulic unit. The HPP was officially put into operation in 1961.

The HPP building.

The HPP features six hydrotechnical constructions:

– Left-bank earth dam (311 m);

– The HPP building (223,6 m);

– Concrete overfall dam (198.5 m);

– Right-bank earth dam (3,044 m);

– Single-lane three-chambered shipping lock;

– Right-bank earth dam (1,023 m).

Novosibirsk HPP is a run-of-river hydroplant. Total length of its underwater hydrosystem constructions is almost 5 km. In the photo, you see an overfall dam which is under reconstruction right now.

They built a road on the hydrotechnical constructions and a car bridge which connect parts of Novosibirsk.

An open switchgear.

Novosibirsk residents call its reservoir ‘the Sea of Ob’. Its water is used in fishery and agriculture and the city’s water supply.

The concrete dam consists of eight 20-meter long parts separated with water gates.


The water gates are regulated with two cranes.

From under the water, you can see shock absorbers. Reconstruction works are carried out.

Divers have to work underwater no matter how cold it is.

A discharge structure.

The head race.

One of the problems the HPP faces are fishermen. For some reason, they are not afraid to be washed away during another water discharge.

The machinery hall is the heart of any HPP. There are 7 hydraulic units here. They transform hydraulic power into electricity. Currently, they are under reconstruction too.


“Communism is the Soviet power plus electrification of the whole country!”

Each hydraulic unit consists of a turbine and generator.

The generator is used to transform rotational energy into electricity. Rate of the rotor’s rotation is over 62.5 revolutions per minute. It is water pressure that makes the turbine and rotor rotate.

The hydraulic unit from the inside.

The rotor.

“Drainage pumps and turbine covers”.



The control center of the HPP. From here, they start and stop the hydraulic units and do other things to manage the HPP.

Novosibirsk HPP has been working for over 50 years stimulating the region’s industries and businesses.

They keep modernizing the HPP to make it safer and more efficient.

Location: Novosibirsk

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