0 Another Tour Of Novosibirsk HPP

Another Tour Of Novosibirsk HPP

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Novosibirsk Hydropower Plant  is located on the Ob River, one of the largest rivers in the world and the longest river in Russia.

“Novosibirsk Hydropower Plant”.

Construction works lasted for 11 years. They began to pour concrete in May, 1953 and in 1956 they dammed the river. One year later, they launched their first hydraulic unit and 6 months later their 7th hydraulic unit. The HPP was officially put into operation in 1961.

The HPP building.

The HPP features six hydrotechnical constructions:

– Left-bank earth dam (311 m);

– The HPP building (223,6 m);

– Concrete overfall dam (198.5 m);

– Right-bank earth dam (3,044 m);

– Single-lane three-chambered shipping lock;

– Right-bank earth dam (1,023 m).


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